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August 26, 2007
Sunoco Ron Fellows Karting Championship - Round #5 - Sunday Finals

Sunoco Ron Fellows Karting Championship
Round #5
Sunday Finals
August 26, 2007
Mosport DDT
Bowmanville, ON

Rotax Max Senior
Pos.NoNameLapsDiffBest Lap
1.6Stefano Romano25-42.738
2.5Michael Vincec251.44642.496
3.14Michael Glaze251.81242.737
4.9Marco Di Leo252.96442.684
5.29Frank Launi253.50942.626
6.18Keenan Harris253.74442.817
7.10Eric Gerrits2510.67142.718
8.89Matt Abram2514.36843.140
9.2Matt France2514.90042.958
10.33Dylan Gibson2510.26542.683
11.66Ryan Dennahower2517.97843.156
12.71Max Gamble2518.53543.186
13.61Kelly Wood2523.68043.231
14.31Paul Carvalho2524.98643.253
15.34Marc Stehle2525.65043.148
16.95Greg Rempel2526.74443.367
17.7Corey Usher2527.01343.235
18.90Darren White2527.42642.955
19.73Zach Boam2527.94543.139
20.76Stefan Yasin2536.02343.492
21.98Jason Abram2539.54843.596
22.43Adriano Bilotta2540.66543.837
23.6Enrico Menotti223 Laps42.949
24.9Tim Salvatore214 Laps43.399
25.91Jesse Facchini1213 Laps42.857
26.21Christopher Balestri322 Laps44.370
27.99Brad Forbes251.29042.495
DNS93Mike Lennie0-No Time

Formula Senior/ICC
Pos.NoNameLapsDiffBest Lap
1.5Michael Vincec2539.628
2.10Curtis Fox250.26839.622
3.50Gianmarco Raimondo254.17039.716
4.29Frank Launi255.72239.708
5.17Michael Di Meo2514.63939.882
6.7Corey Usher2520.49040.105
7.1Joshua Adams2525.08540.421
8.8Jimmy Lo2533.45340.646
9.37Paul Hunter2543.00040.808
10.3Giles Gallie251 Lap40.977
11.27Tony DeMarco240.58740.873
12.42Mike MacNeil1411 Laps40.992

F1-K Senior
Pos.NoNameLapsDiffBest Lap
1.32Mark Woyslaw25-41.832
2.15Richard Hibbs251.17941.679
3.44Michael Deaves251.64741.577
4.45Andrew Deaves253.53641.834
5.93Mike Lennie253.96741.881
6.34Eric Simon254.71041.736
7.66Jesse Chiasson2513.70942.047
8.6John McRae2524.40142.078
9.68Paul Jerinkitsch2528.65242.467
10.77Peter Courteau2531.65242.345
11.69Doug Boudreau2532.90941.960
12.63Robb Ronnenberg322 Laps42.791
13.3Andre Bonaldo223 Laps43.366
14.31Larry Leung124 Laps48.120
15.14Brendan Cochrane025 LapsNo Time
16.7Alan Swanson0-No Time

Rotax Max Junior
Pos.NoNameLapsDiffBest Lap
1.66Jonathon Treadwell2542.476
2.1Kevin Monteith251.74442.485
3.9Joshua Korenyi256.22342.771
4.16David Ostella256.45142.799
5.1Cameron Hogg258.83842.627
6.4Cory Luciano2513.07342.824
7.30Andrew Waring2513.29742.665
8.22Michael Lombardi2513.58142.857
9.10Wes Calaguiro2514.11142.892
10.51Alex Ellis2519.53343.113
11.13Nicholas Pinti2519.69043.019
12.42Vincent Rago2520.00343.062
13.12Addison Rayner2520.29843.052
14.23Jeffrey May2520.81043.024
15.91Karsten Schwerinski2527.86143.199
16.14Joshua Gilbert2528.02343.429
17.20Parker Holman2529.23243.376
18.3Emerson Baker2536.06843.668
19.8Joey Haynes2541.89243.978
20.93Connor Carrothers205 Laps43.708
21.28Reid Arnold1312 Laps43.819
22.24T.J. Froates520 Laps44.322

Canada Junior Light
Pos.NoNameLapsDiffBest Lap
1.14Austin Milwain20-48.850
2.23Reid Arnold200.10848.867
3.91Artem Korolev204.79549.242
4.22Bryson Schutte2013.41349.412
5.18Giovanni Pizzale-Rhead2019.49249.613
6.1Nico Fattore2022.14849.773
7.19Garett Grist2022.52149.309
8.10Selena Ujj2022.91349.869
9.47Kyle Edgar2036.78250.672
10.7George Holt0-No Time

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