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May 17, 2008 News
EKN.ca Trackside: Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship - Round #1 - Saturday Report

The venue may have changed Saturday but the story remained the same as a pair of Ontario’s hottest Rotax Max Challenge drivers scored commanding class wins for the second straight weekend on the Regional scene. Frank Launi and Kevin Monteith dominated in respective classes as the third season of the Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship presented by AtoZ Capital Corp. and MG Tires took its green flag at Sutton. Large margins were the order of the day in all classes as drivers and tuners wrestled with the conditions before sun shone on main events.

Full wet conditions welcomed all classes to qualifying and Kyle Herder mastered it best in Rotax Senior. The veteran posted a 45.695 second lap early in the session and only Stefano Romano got within a country mile when he posted 45.796 late. No other kart was within a half-second, and only six of twenty-two others were within two! Herder then produced a great run to the green flag in the prefinal and younger brother Pearce matched it in slotting second from fourth. Romano wedged into third, while the field wrestled through the remainder of the opening lap. Kyle led the first flyer and Romano returned to second with Pearce, Matt France and Kurtis St.Clair in tow. The conditions were drying quickly, and it became apparent that France had speed to burn. He was second by the end of two, and took the lead at Grid Corner working four before checking out on the lead pack at nearly a half-second per lap. His TonyKart was the only to break the 41-second barrier and his 40.818 second lap was the quickest of the prefinal. St.Clair worked his way to second in the back half of the ten-lap heat race while Brad Forbes also came forward to cross third. Launi charged to fourth from 13th on the grid and Michael Glaze rounded the fast five in a massive charge from 17th.

Michael Glaze was on the edge Saturday, running from 17th into the top five (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Michael Glaze was on the edge Saturday, running from 17th into the top five
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Mother Nature was smiling on 3-S GoKarts by the time the final rolled off the pregrid and karts were decked in slicks for the first time on the day. A twenty-lap main would show who had the setup right, and by the end there was definitely no question. Defending Series Champion St.Clair stole the point from the outside line when the green flag waved and Launi followed through from second. The GP driver then took the lead at the South hairpin with Kyle Herder following through and the pair led St.Clair, France, Forbes and Glaze through the first flyer. France then recovered third at Grid Corner on the second lap, and lo and behold the podium was set through two! Launi made it two-for-two on the Regional scene in Rotax Senior when he romped five seconds clear and Herder had France covered by well over two when the checkers waved. Forbes actually held the final podium position for about ten feet after getting inside France at Grid, but a subsequent trip across the tennis court on exit dropped him squarely in a war for fourth, one that waged right to the final lap.

Rookie senior Jonathon Treadwell owned the spot entering the back half with TonyKart teammate Marc Stehle in fifth ahead of Glaze, Darren White and Forbes. The quintet circulated nose-to-tail for five laps before Treadwell got wide exiting one and fell to the back of the line on sixteen. From a low position of ninth at half, Glaze stalked Stehle running under the white flag but White had an Evolution kart in his crosshairs and got by Glaze on twenty. Stehle kept fourth, White was fifth, and Glaze held sixth ahead of Forbes and Treadwell. The top ten was rounded by a pair of karters who produced runs from the back of the grid. Ryan Horses and Jason Abram started in positions 21 and 22 respectively and were well into the points when the final checker waved. Rotax Junior followed on the track, and once again the song remained the same.

The 'Kevin Monteith Show' rolled on in Sutton with another Regional win (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
The 'Kevin Monteith Show' rolled on in Sutton with another Regional win
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Matching Launi in making it back-to-back wins on the Regional circuit, FirstKart.com’s lead junior driver produced episode two of the Kevin Monteith Show - but it was anything but a sequel. After dominating at Goodwood to the tune of pole-prefinal-final, Monteith began his BSRKC season sixteenth and dead-last on the grid. A fouled plug was the culprit in qualifying, but it made no difference to Cameron/CRG’s Cory Luciano who took pole position by over three-tenths from Zac Mahoney, Michel Adams and Taylor Gates. Luciano then maintained it through a ten-lap heat, but he knew he’d have company in the feature as Monteith would be lining up alongside. He was an incredible eighth by the end of the first lap, sixth through two and fourth through three! One lap later he was by Reid Arnold for third and for the first time had a gap to cover in order to reach the back of Michael Adams. It took three laps before the grid was set for the main: Luciano keeping pole from Monteith, Adams, Arnold and Vincent Rago who started and finished fifth.

Though Luciano kept his CRG on the point through one, the final had a foregone conclusion when Monteith moved past at Grid working two. Afterward it became a matter of setup as quick lap times nearly matched the finishing order of the top five. Some moved forward, some back, but none more so than Mahoney. Lapping ten seconds quicker per lap in their first totally dry runs, the juniors were substantially quicker and Mahoney was quickest of all. From starting seventh, Mahoney picked his way forward until his kart came in during the second half and the MKC regular was on the back of Arnold fighting for the middle step on the podium. Arnold was quick as well, but after taking a knife-edge line through the final turn to get by Rago down the straight, he dropped a wheel at the same turn late to allow Mahoney past. The pair climbed the steps in that order behind Monteith while Rago held for fourth and Luciano limped to fifth. Dimitra Tassos and Bryson Schutte crossed in sixth and seventh as the Intrepid pair earned Regional top-tens for the second straight weekend. Max Preston was eighth, Andrew Waring ninth and William Lalonde tenth.

Jason France swept the day in DD2, taking pole, prefinal, final and all fastest laps (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Jason France swept the day in DD2, taking pole, prefinal, final and all fastest laps
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Jason France was the first Rotax Max Challenge driver to sweep the day as he controlled all possible conditions to win DD2. He began with a qualifying lap of 45.979 seconds that took pole by over seven-tenths from seven others. Cameron Hogg clocked second in a surprise run for Cameron/CRG and Derek Woodbridge was third on the time sheet. The prefinal brought little change as France went flag-to-flag in a seven second win over ten laps. Hogg and Woodbridge followed once again. The wild card thrown at the field heading to the main event was dry conditions but Team France was ready, willing and able. France immediately jumped off the front and was over ten seconds up the road when the checkered waved twelve minutes later. Woodbridge also made the right call and put it on cruise control for second, but the rest of the field was tooth-and-nail for the final spot on the podium. Josh Adams was the man to watch and he was having an adventure. Starting seventh after turning just one lap in the heat race, Adams spent the first five laps settling in before advancing one spot per lap over the next three to reach fourth. He then overcooked it in turn one, fell to the back of the pack once again, and started the whole process over again as the race began the second half. Getting by Stefan Yasin and Jonathan Coate to reach fifth, Adams then took fourth when he got by Hogg but despite lapping a half-second quicker he was unable to catch Corey Walsh who secured the final step on the podium.

Rotax Mini-Max hit double digits for the second straight week in Ontario as the youngsters latch on to the growing class. Weather reeked havoc on the field in qualifying though as only seven of eleven karts posted times, Artem Korolev leading all with a 47.240 second lap that topped Michael Taibi and Cameron Morrison. Korolev then repeated the chart-topping performance in the prefinal where Morrison moved forward to second and Harrison White crossed third. Gio Pizzale-Rhead was the only other kart circulating in the same area code, but he was much closer in the main event. Morrison grabbed the point at the start with Korolev slotting into second and Pizzale-Rhead third. Korolev then took the lead on two and never looked back in stretching to a nine-second win. Behind, Morrison and Pizzale-Rhead were set to settle the podium. Gio worked past on three, and though Morrison would never lose touch, he’d never get by either. The pair crossed just over a tenth apart and well clear of the rest of the field. Scott Nagel was a comfortable fourth while Julius Makos was fifth.

Julius Makos won the first race of the day in Honda, and added fifth in Mini-Max later on (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Julius Makos won the first race of the day in Honda, and added fifth in Mini-Max later on
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Makos fared much better in his other start, winning Junior Medium in convincing fashion to begin the day. Many of the same names dotted the lineup and Nagel was on pole from Jamie Quinn and Makos before a wet ‘n’ wild prefinal shuffled the deck. Makos crossed first to take pole for the main with Nicholas Ledson taking second, Korolev third, Taibi fourth and Nagel fifth. When the feature took the green flag a trio jumped clear of the pack with Korolev leading Taibi and Makos. Once clear of the rest, Makos wiggled his way to the head of the line and put the field to bed. By lap ten of twenty the outcome wasn’t in question, and by the checker he was ten seconds clear. Taibi was hunting Korolev for second approaching half, but after taking the spot working lap seven he ran wide on the exit of one beginning lap eight and looped it on the grass. The result was a fall to eleventh, and Korolev had a free pass to the second step. Tristan Gill was then third, but Nico Fattore was coming calling. Carving forward from last after the opening lap, Fattore took nearly took a kart per lap to arrive on Gill’s bumper by half distance. Running lap eleven he dove inside at the final hairpin but contact delayed both - and collected Nagel who then launched up and over Gill. Officials issued a black flag to Fattore one lap later and Gill resumed third and took the final spot on the podium. Nagel was the quickest kart on the track in the second half and worked his way back to fifth in crossing behind Nicholas Ledson.

The slimmest field Saturday was in Rotax Micro-Max where four karts were chasing Florida Winter Tour Champion Grant Quinlan from qualifying. Matteus Makos was second, Clay Van Eerd third, Ryan Mohan fourth and Devlin De Francesco fifth after taking to the track minus a transponder. Makos then capitalized at the start of the prefinal to seize the lead and duly held it for ten laps to win by three seconds from Quinlan. Van Eerd kept third while De Francesco moved forward to fourth ahead of Mohan. The final would see moves as well as after Makos had the early lead, Quinlan got by and raced seven seconds clear heading to checkers. Makos was second, holding off De Francesco who worked to third and crossed inside of a second. Van Eerd was fourth, and Mohan fifth in the debut of Micro-Max in Ontario.

After winning last week at Goodwood, Jimmy Lo kept up the good form in taking pole at Sutton (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
After winning last week at Goodwood, Jimmy Lo kept up the good form in taking pole at Sutton
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

In F125 Senior Jimmy Lo followed his Goodwood Regional win with pole position at Sutton. He maintained the pole when karts rolled off toward the prefinal, while four others were demoted for not having spec rain tires. Little of it mattered to Ryan Horses, who grabbed the hole shot and led Lo to the line by two seconds. Addison Rayner worked his way to third while Joe DeMarco was fourth. Horses then repeated in the main event where he launched off the line and romped seven seconds clear. Lo missed a beat at the wave of the flag allowing DeMarco through and Rayner also had a look before slotting fourth. Eli Yanko was fifth through one, and nothing changed to lap eight when Max Gamble and Josh Adams demoted him to seventh. The back half of the final began with Lo taking second at Grid Corner and a lap later Adams moved up to fifth. The podium appeared set but Rayner took DeMarco on fifteen and ran down Lo as the white flag waved. Lo then ran wide the final time through one, and Rayner took the middle step following Horses.

Sunday will be a busy day at 3-S as seven Honda classes and TaG take to the track. Multiple four-stroke groupings are expected to require B-Mains, and drivers will have to be on their toes to get championships off to a positive start. eKartingNews Trackside Live will continue with morning qualifying. To discuss the opening Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship event in the forums, click HERE.
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