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May 30, 2008
Stars of Karting - Mazda Race of the Americas - Practice 5

Snap-on Stars of Karting presented by IndyCar Series
Mazda Race of the Americas
Practice 5
May 30, 2008
New Castle Motorsports Park
New Castle, IN

PosNo.NameChassis/EngineBest Lap
1.192David JurcaItalkart/Italian Motors TM1:01.970
2.147Jordy VorrathIntrepid/Champion TM1:01.975
3.161Fritz LeesmannCRG/PSL Maxter1:01.984
4.141Alex SpeedTrackmagic/SwedeTech Maxter1:02.012
5.133Jacob NealCRG/PSL Maxter1:02.027
6.151Gary CarltonCRG/SwedeTech Maxter1:02.097
7.105Michael VincecCRG/SwedeTech TM1:02.144
8.123Arie OuimetCRG/SSC East Maxter1:02.238
9.101Thomas CadieuxCRG/PSL Maxter1:02.273
10.194Hayden DuersonItalkart/Italian Motors TM1:02.420
11.188Ryan KinnearIntrepid/Champion TM1:02.435
12.197Clayton SnowEnergy/Snow TM1:02.450
13.169Cody JollyIntrepid/SwedeTech Maxter1:02.509
14.119Ryan YopSodi Kart/DDR TM1:02.570
15.150Jess PetersonCRG/SwedeTech Maxter1:02.708
16.171Ron WhiteGP/JWR TM1:02.710
17.148Richard BenitezKosmic/AL Tech TM1:02.779
18.122David CarmendyCRG/SwedeTech TM1:02.919
19.170Chance TerrelIntrepid/Champion TM1:02.942
20.118Nick JohnsonKosmic/SwedeTech TM1:03.037
21.127Josh SchreiberCRG/PSL Maxter1:03.095
22.121Anthony LlopizCRG/ProKart Maxter1:03.264
23.131Alex ManglassCRG/JWR Maxter1:03.294
24.111Shane TerrelIntrepid/Champion TM1:03.359
25.165Brandon FrankIntrepid/Champion TM1:03.500
26.143Devon NicholsIntrepid/Champion TM1:03.544
27.168Corey RossmanCRG/PSL Maxter1:03.911
28.142Evan WaltersIntrepid/Champion TM1:04.314
29.181Derek CrockettWild Kart/SwedeTech TM1:04.800
30.184Alex GrandahlBirel/Maxter1:11.916
31.125Cole MathewsonCRG/SwedeTech MaxterNo time
32.132Scott RossiCRG/Genesis MaxterNo time
33.138Kyle WharffTony Kart/VortexNo time

PosNo.NameChassisBest Lap
1.587Jose ZanellaTony Kart1:04.948
2.586Kyle WiegandTop Kart1:05.010
3.530Bryan EadyIntrepid1:05.344
4.595Michael HoggItalkart1:05.529
5.571Don McGregorItalkart1:05.812
6.502Nick BoulleGillard1:05.981
7.514Tyler SpitlerGillard1:06.065
8.566Max RiddleFirst Kart1:06.191
9.515Matthew MairTony Kart1:06.327
10.511Kurt MathewsonCRG1:06.328
11.521Jason LeeCRG1:06.803
12.551Matt ZeisWild Kart1:07.132

PosNo.NameChassis/EngineBest LapSession
1.472Joey WimsettIntrepid/Parilla1:05.998Group B
2.422Victor Cabrera Kosmic/Rok TT1:06.437Group B
3.469CJ LintnerArrow/Parilla1:06.439Group A
4.403Josef NewgardenArrow/Parilla1:06.515Group A
5.406Chris WehrheimTop Kart/Parilla1:06.733Group B
6.430Sean MeierKosmic/Rok TT1:06.735Group A
7.471Cody TracyFirst Kart/Parilla1:06.778Group B
8.482Pat IannucciSodi Kart/Rok TT1:06.867Group B
9.410AJ CodalataTop Kart/Parilla1:06.898Group A
10.401Tony LoniewskiFirst Kart/Parilla1:06.911Group A
11.476Matt CodalataMargay/Parilla1:06.927Group A
12.490Scott SaundersCRG/Parilla1:06.943Group A
13.485Billy LewisArrow/Parilla1:06.973Group A
14.499Cole MannMaranello/Parilla1:06.982Group B
15.486Kyle WiegandTop Kart/Parilla1:07.003Group A
16.456Andrick ZeenSodi Kart/Rok TT1:07.026Group B
17.417Chris ScribnerTop Kart/Parilla1:07.054Group B
18.5Zach BeardBirel/Parilla1:07.076Group A
19.418Neil AlbericoTop Kart/Parilla1:07.100Group B
20.426Christopher LarsonFirst Kart/Parilla1:07.115Group B
21.447Colin KatzakianIntrepid/Parilla1:07.134Group B
22.450Jeremy NelsonKosmic/Rok TT1:07.143Group B
23.404Adam ZeenSodi Kart/Rok TT1:07.185Group B
24.444Eddy TininiCRG/Rok TT1:07.416Group A
25.421Jimmy SimpsonArrow/Parilla1:07.437Group B
26.466Nathan NorenbergIntrepid/Parilla1:07.536Group A
27.477Blake TeeterIntrepid/Parilla1:07.565Group B
28.420Michael SelfSodi Kart/Parilla1:07.591Group B
29.435Evan BattGillard/Parilla1:07.617Group A
30.408Will MartindaleTrackmagic/Parilla1:07.646Group B
31.440Brandon NeweyTop Kart/Parilla1:07.672Group A
32.457Robert StoutTop Kart/Parilla1:07.709Group B
33.441Troy DiedeIntrepid/Rok TT1:07.740Group B
34.423AJ WhislerFirst Kart/Parilla1:07.749Group B
35.432David ZippieBirel/Parilla1:07.835Group A
36.416Cody ElliottMerlin/Rotax1:07.843Group A
37.413Cody DiedeIntrepid/Parilla1:07.866Group B
38.489Victor HartingsFirst Kart/Parilla1:07.906Group A
39.415Federico MorenoCRG/Rok TT1:08.257Group A
40.495Hayden RitterItalkart/Parilla1:08.304Group B
41.445Greg WelchShockwave/Parilla1:08.703Group A
42.414Eddie OlpinFirst Kart/Parilla1:12.378Group A
43.4Jason ToftGP/ParillaNo timeGroup B
44.429Cy SchumacherKosmic/Rok TTNo timeGroup B
45.409Shane WaltersIntrepid/ParillaNo timeGroup A
46.433Juan Pablo DelgadoGillard/ParillaNo timeGroup A
47.419Kris HoffbeckCRG/Rok TTNo timeGroup A
48.460Enrico MenottiCRG/ParillaNo timeGroup A
49.400Michael PolitisSodi Kart/ParillaNo timeGroup A

PosNo.NameChassis/EngineBest LapSession
1.317Nick NeriMaranello/Pitts Parilla1:07.370Group B
2.5Spencer PigotGillard/H-Power Parilla1:07.421Group B
3.366Brendan PhinnyTop Kart/SwedeTech Parilla1:07.555Group B
4.369Bobby RunyanMargay/Pitts Parilla1:07.630Group B
5.350Tatiana CalderonTony Kart/Italian Motors Parilla1:07.638Group B
6.4Miles MaroneyCRG/Pitts Parilla1:07.657Group B
7.2Gustavo MenezesTony Kart/Ward Parilla1:07.709Group B
8.337Daniel FormalTony Kart/CMW Parilla1:07.745Group B
9.396Alex MadrigalKosmic/GFR Parilla1:07.794Group B
10.395Remo RuscittiItalkart/Italian Motors Parilla1:07.799Group B
11.328Tristan DeGrandKosmic/Ward Parilla1:07.817Group B
12.326Tyler ThomasTop Kart/Woltjer Parilla1:07.968Group B
13.335Brett FelkinsIntrepid/GFR Parilla1:08.020Group B
14.343Christian VogelTony Kart/High-Rev Parilla1:08.021Group B
15.320Taylor MiinchTop Kart/High-Rev Parilla1:08.063Group B
16.353CJ CronisMaranello/Pitts Parilla1:08.102Group A
17.301Kevin MonteithFirst Kart/First Kart Parilla1:08.120Group A
18.377Phil DeLaOTony Kart/High-Rev Parilla1:08.137Group B
19.354Mason MarottaIntrepid/Pitts Parilla1:08.188Group A
20.327Angel CabanKosmic/AL Tech Parilla1:08.200Group A
21.331Artie CarpenterTop Kart/MMS Parilla1:08.211Group A
22.341Sage KaramBirel/High-Rev Parilla1:08.253Group B
23.391Timmy BachmanIntrepid/Pitts Parilla1:08.293Group B
24.305Tommy BeshroCRG/PSL Parilla1:08.301Group B
25.372Jordan JadallahCRG/SwedeTech Parilla1:08.380Group A
26.347Samuel BeasleyArrow/Adkins Parilla1:08.382Group A
27.344Grant VogelTony Kart/High-Rev Parilla1:08.411Group A
28.1Jarvis GennariCRG/High-Rev Parilla1:08.453Group B
29.387Rumil LealTony Kart/CMW Parilla1:08.488Group A
30.376Pierce BaldusTop Kart/MISI Parilla1:08.674Group A
31.393Zach VeachTony Kart/Parilla1:08.701Group A
32.364Thomas MicichSodi Kart/DLD Parilla1:08.785Group A
33.394Shawn SharkeyMerlin/High-Rev Parilla1:08.894Group A
34.308Stefan RzadzinskiCRG/Pitts Parilla1:08.910Group A
35.323Jeffrey MayCRG/High-Rev Parilla1:08.928Group A
36.324Madeline KomarMaranello/Woltjer Parilla1:09.405Group A
37.306Reid JeffriesGillard/Yellow Fin Parilla1:09.463Group B
38.311James Michael SullivanFirst Kart/High-Rev Parilla1:09.467Group A
39.318Chad GrunowCRG/High-Rev Parilla1:09.726Group A
40.345Evan KomarMaranello/Pitts Parilla1:09.741Group A
41.310Bristol GundersonMaranello/Woltjer ParillaNo timeGroup A
42.304Austen DuncanWild Kart/High-Rev ParillaNo timeGroup A
43.314Kelsey NilssonTony Kart/SwedeTech ParillaNo timeGroup A

PosNo.NameChassis/EngineBest Lap
1.64Trent HindmanMerlin/Woltjer Comer1:16.314
2.1Santino FerrucciS1/Fleming Comer1:16.546
3.6Logan BeardenBirel/Woltjer Comer1:16.574
4.22Broc YocomIntrepid/High-Rev Comer1:16.584
5.19Garett GristTop Kart/Woltjer Comer1:16.651
6.43Davey Manthei, JrTop Kart/Fleming Comer1:16.795
7.97Mitchell GriffinTony Kart/High-Rev Comer1:16.826
8.11Breyton SanteeKosmic/Fleming Comer1:16.827
9.7Austin SelfBirel/High-Rev Comer1:16.916
10.0Mason ChelootzTop Kart/Woltjer Comer1:17.197
11.74Luis TyrrellTop Kart/Fleming Comer1:17.263
12.30Corey TowlesShockwave/Fleming Comer1:17.330
13.69Ashley RogeroKosmic/High-Rev Comer1:17.425
14.48Austin SchoonmakerArrow/Fleming Comer1:17.452
15.5Gresham WagnerBirel/Fleming Comer1:17.523
16.51Coltan BrooksWild Kart/Fleming Comer1:17.695
17.9Andrew MurrayBirel/MCR Comer1:17.821
18.29Austin GarrisonGillard/Fleming Comer1:17.829
19.98Diego BorrelliTony Kart/Fleming ComerNo time
20.55Kurtis DeboerCRG/High-Rev ComerNo time

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