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May 24, 2009 News
EKN.ca Trackside: Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship - Round #1 Sutton - Sunday Report

The Novice class saw Clay Van Eerd dominate the days action (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
The Novice class saw Clay Van Eerd dominate the days action
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

A great day of sunshine and clear skies followed a night of rain to add a unique twist to the Sunday action. Eight more classes would take to the track, a total of 136 registered entries. With today's added to yesterday's total, that’s a total of 276 entries for the opening weekend of Ontario Regional racing action. The racing was great, the weather was amazing and the paddock was full with new winners and determined losers. On hand for the Sunday podiums presentations was Mr. Brian Stewart who greeted the crowd and thanked the drivers.

In qualifying it was Devlin DeFrancesco topping the field followed by Clay Van Eerd, Austin Bisschop, Gerrit Tiemeersma and Andre Fiorini. In the prefinal Fiorinin would cross the stripe first, a solid 0.87 ahead of Tiemeersma, Van Eerd, DeFrancesco and Bisschop. The final was a battle from the drop of the green as the lead changed several times in the early stages. By lap 12 the field had settled out with VanEerd taking the win over DeFrancesco, Fiorini, Tiemeersma and Bisschop making up your top five.

Junior Lite
Grant Qunilan would show speed early on, taking the pole with a time of 44.36. He was followed closely behind by Scotty Nagel, Trevor Rancier, Ryan Mohan and Matthew Peralto. In the prefinal Nagel took the win over Quinlan, Rancier, Mohan and Nicholas Ledson.

In the final, Nagel would get the jump taking the lead out of turn one with Rancier, Quinlan and Mohan in tow. Quinlan quickly went to work taking P2 on lap one and P1 on lap two. This created a three-kart breakaway that pulled out an eight second lead before eight circuits of the 20 lap final. Nagel charged back to the lead at half way and Quinlan answered back on the next lap. Ledson moved up to fourth to lead a five-kart train in the second group. Nagel stormed back past Quinlan on lap fourteen only to have Quinlan repay the favour two laps later. Entering the pit turn passing zone Nagel pushed through, Quinlan countered and Nagel charged back. Lap traffic on the last lap caught Nagel out allowing Quinlan and Rancier to slip by Nagel. At the stripe it was Quinlan, Rancier, Nagel, Ledson and Bailey Jacobs making up your top five.

Grant Quinlan scored his second win of the weekend in Jr. Light action (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Grant Quinlan scored his second win of the weekend in Jr. Light action
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Junior Heavy
In qualifying it was Bryson Shutte with the fast marker over Corey Cacciavillani, Julius Makos, Reid Arnold and Tristan Gill. In the prefinal Cacciavillani would take the win with Makos in hot pursuit followed by Max Preston, Artem Korolev and Shutte.

The fence would be lined for the start of the final as 24 karts took the green flag. Makos took the hole shot off the start beating the field into turn one only to be pushed off as traffic cramped into the tight space. Into the esses it was Cacciavillani, Preston and Korolev. On lap five Korolev would close on Preston and begin to pressure. Making the most of the turn one calamity was Cameron Morrison who was now in fourth and pushing for more. Morrison would be rewarded moving into P2 with a nice move as Korolev tried to take Preston and Shutte at the pit turn.

At half distance it was Cacciavillani with a big lead as the next group continued to battle. On lap thirteen Korolev would charge back to lead the pack hoping to mount a charge on Cacciavillani with teammate Shutte on his bumper. In the closing laps Morrison would again move to P2 and Preston followed into P3. Korolev, not to be denied, took back second on the last corner with Preston and Shutte in tow moving Morrison back to fifth. A great run by Makos got himself back to seventh from deep in the field.

Capping off a stellar weekend, Cory Cacciavillani cruised to his second victory in Jr. Heavy (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Capping off a stellar weekend, Cory Cacciavillani cruised to his second victory in Jr. Heavy
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Senior Lite
A little older and no less hungry than the Juniors, Senior Lite took the track looking to settle some old scores in the day's largest field with 28 drivers on the sheet. In qualifying it was local favorite Jamie Riberdy taking the first position from Jonathon Treadwell by 0.039. Next was Tyler Weber, Michael Glaze and Jeremy Brutzki. You had to go all the way back to 17th to find a one second gap.

In the prefinal Treadwell would best Riberdy at the line by a half kart followed by Marco DiLeo and defending class champion Pearce Herder.

The final would see the same two at the front and with this match going 20 rounds the last man standing would get the win. At the drop of the green it was Treadwell, Weber, DiLeo, Riberdy and Herder. DiLeo would lead lap one and then Herder took point for lap two with Treadwell to P2. DiLeo would strike back going to the lead on lap four and Gary Klutt into fourth from his ninth starting position. A bobble by Herder let Treadwell, Klutt and Riberdy by. At half distance Treadwell would go to P1 with Riberdy into P2. Further back is was Melissa Glaze pushing brother Michael into P5 and pressuring Herder. In the closing laps Treadwell and Riberdy pulled a big gap on DiLeo who ran alone as the field battled behind him. At the line it was Treadwell over Riberdy by 0.17 followed by DiLeo, Weber and Herder.

Jonathon Treadwell kicked off his season where he left off last year with a win in Sr. Light (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Jonathon Treadwell kicked off his season where he left off last year with a win in Sr. Light
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Senior Heavy
Fifteen karts would hit the track for ‘quali’ with home track champ Michael Glaze taking the top spot followed by fan favorite Kris Martin, TJ Marshall, AJ Emms and Corey Jones. In the prefinal a great run by Martin and Glaze gave them front row honors. They where followed through by Jones, Emms and Cameron Coulbeck. Missing from the front was TJ Marshall, out early with problems forcing him to start dead last in the 15-kart field.

At the start it was Martin and Glaze pushing hard with Emms in pursuit. Before half way Martin would run wide in the esses and head off course into the retaining tires. Past half way both Miles Curtis and Marshall had pushed forward toward the front. With only a few laps left in the twenty lap final, Marshall was able to pick off Emms and Glaze to take the win. From last to first, zero to hero it was Marshall followed by Glaze, Emms, Curtis and Trevor Chinnock.

The final step on the four-cycle ladder, Masters would take to qualifying with a 24 driver field. In qualifying it was Jake Collison, over Shawn Gardner, Fred Jordan, Randy Packham and Paul Draganac. In the prefinal, Collison would again lead the way with Gardner, Draganac, Jordan and Packham giving chase. The final would be the Collison Show, as the veteran four-stroke racer used his ultra smooth style to pull a long lead over the field. Jordan would better Gardner to take second leaving Draganac to hold off Packham for fourth.

Senior TAG
After the timed session it was Marc Stehle (Greenspeed Rotax), Enrico Menotti (Swedetech Parilla), Julianna Chiovitti (3S Cheetah), Jason Abram (Rotax) and Stefan Jeffery (Rotax). After the first test it would be Stehle on the front row with Chiovitti followed by Massimo Presta (Rotax), Jeffery and Abram.

The final was an anticipated battle between veteran Stehle and ‘track brat’ Chiovitti. The race into one was won by Stehle with Chiovitti and Jeffery in pursuit. Cole Mann (Leopard) moved to third on lap one. On lap three Chiovitti would be sidelined with a mechanical moving Mann to second and Menotti, who had charged forward into third spot from his ninth starting spot. From that point on Stehle was clear to cruise while Mann and Menotti pushed hard to close the gap. At the double checkers it was Stehl, Mann, Menotti, Kyle MaCabe (Rotax) and Sean Tomaselli (Rotax).

Garret Grist took the honours in Jr. TaG (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Garret Grist took the honours in Jr. TaG
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Junior TAG
The small field of only nine pilots would include many of the previous day's drivers with some adding on new power plants to their karts. After qualifying was over it was Garett Grist (G Force Rotax) over Reid Arnold (Swede Tech Parilla) by a slight 0.15. Austin Milwain (G Force Rotax), Michael Taibi (Rotax) and yesterday’s JR Rotax winner Spencer Todd (G Force Rotax) rounded out the fast five. In the prefinal Grist would take the lead out of turn one and pace the field with Arnold giving chase in second. Milwain would press hard in third followed by Corey Cacciavillani (Rok TT) and Sasha Aleksic (F1K).

In the final, Arnold did a brilliant job taking the hole shot from the outside of the front row to lead the field through the first circuit. On Lap 3 Grist would make the pass into the pit turn from four karts lengths. Arnold fought back to press Grist down the back straight. By mid point Milwain made his move to pass Arnold and go into second spot while Todd moved forward into fourth.

Over the next 17 laps Grist would build a lead to take the win over a charging Milwain, followed by Arnold, Todd and Cacciavillani. Confusion at the scales and in post tech led to disqualifications that are being investigated by Series Officials. The final standings as of podiums, was Grist, Milwain, Todd, Taibi and Aleksic. We will update as information is released by series officials.

Three days of fun, excitement and incredible racing action has set the stage for the 2009 Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship. Up next in just two weeks time is the very technical Cameron Motorsports Park located just south of Hamilton, Ontario. Home of the Hamilton Regional Kart Club, this will be a new venue for the BSRKC. Expect many new winners and loads of action.
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