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June 29, 2009 News
EKN.ca Trackside: Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship - Round #3 Mosport - Saturday Report

Scotty Nagel once again visited the top of the podium in Jr. Medium action (Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Scotty Nagel once again visited the top of the podium in Jr. Medium action
(Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Great weather greeted racers as they enjoyed beautiful sunshine, warm temperatures and a very light breeze. The track was in great shape, creating a perfect canvas for the largest Saturday field yet with 155 racers ready to go racing. Several new drivers made the trip with numbers in all the Rotax classes up from Round #2.

In qualifying it would be Roman Deangelis leading the way with Joshua Conquer and Ryley Hulme in close pursuit. In the prefinal it was Conquer across the stripe first, followed by Hulme and Deangelis. They would take to the track for the 12 lap feature with several drivers looking for their first regional win. A strong battle between Conquer, Hulme and Aaron Turnbull lasted all 12 laps with Turnball taking the lead with one to go and crossing the line in first with Hulme in second and Conquer in third to complete the podium.

Junior Medium
After six laps of timed qualifying Artem Korolev (Intrepid) was fastest followed by Trevor Rancier (Tony Kart) and Michael Taibi (Intrepid). In the prefinal a strong run by Scott Nagel (Birel) would give him pole for the final. He would be joined by Tristan Gill (Birel), Cory Cacciavillani (Birel), Rancier and Matthew Peralto in the top five. In the final Gill would get the holeshot followed through by Nagel , Rancier and Cacciavillani. By lap six the front four karts would break away from the field. Cacciavillani would lead for a short time, but Nagel would take back the top spot before half distance. Just past halfway Cacciavillani and Nagel would gap Rancier just as Gill began to fade. With two to go Cacciavillani would push back to the lead over Nagel entering turn nine as Rancier pushed to close the gap. On the last lap Cacciavillani and Nagel would get slowed by lapped traffic allowing Rancier to close in. Cacciavillani would slide wide, defending into turn five, allowing both Nagel and Rancier to slip by. At the line it would be Nagel by 0.004 over Rancier and 0.095 over Cacciavillani with Gill in fourth and Artem Korolev in fifth, having moved up from his 25th starting position to make it into the top five.

Rotax Micro Max/TAG Junior
The youngest of the two cycle drivers took the track looking for the top spot in the field. In timed qualifying it was Mitch Boyd (TaG) over Tyler Ripani. The top Micro was Clay Van Eerd topping Dylan Brady. In the prefinal Isaiah Zettler would top Ripani by a scant 0.067 seconds for the TaGs, while Van Eerd would run clean to take the win over Brady for the Micros. In the 12 lap final it was Zettler over Ripani and Boyd for your TaG top three. Brady would take top honors over Van Eerd for the Micros.

After two heart-breaking races in Sutton, Andrew Waring finally earned a win in Rotax Junior (Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
After two heart-breaking races in Sutton, Andrew Waring finally earned a win in Rotax Junior
(Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Rotax Mini Max
One of the fastest growing fields, Rotax Mini Max has doubled since round one with ten drivers taking to qualifying. Quickest was Grant Quinlan (Birel) by 0.013 over Nicholas Ledson (Evolution), followed by Trevor Rancier (Tony Kart), Greg Hovesen (First Kart) and Ryan Mohan (Birel) making up the fast five. After the ten lap prefinal, Quinlan would beat Ledson to the line with Rancier, Michael D’Ambrosiso (Intrepid) and Hovesen rounding out the top five. In the final, the race would change before the flag dropped. Quinlan would be a no start as a brake issue kept him on the grid while the field rolled out, moving Rancier to pole as the inside row moved up. The holeshot went to Rancier followed by Ledson and Hovesen. Ledson quickly went to P1 on lap two and one lap later D’Ambrosiso would take P3. Over the next ten laps Ledson and Rancier would break from the pack as they set the pace.

On lap 15 Rancier charged to P1 entering turn nine and Ledson answered back as they hit turn four cresting the hill and was able to pull a ten-kart lead. On the last lap Rancier would surge back and take Ledson again into nine and hold on for the win. Ledson would be followed by D’Ambroiso, Hovesen and Mohan.

Rotax Junior Max
This class was looking forward to the wide-open spaces of Mosport Academy to show they can get it done and they delivered. Clean racing throughout the field with loads of passes, all laps where done in fine style. In qualifying Andrew Waring (Intrepid) showed the way with a 56.922 followed by Austin Milwain (Birel), rookie Cameron Morrison (Tony Kart), race one winner Spencer Todd (Intrepid) and Mosport Karting’s own Kenny O’Keefe (CRG). In the ten lap prefinal Milwain would hit the line first, followed through by Waring, Todd, Morrison and race two winner Garett Grist (Top Kart). 27 of the 31 starters would complete all the scheduled laps of the prefinal.

From the wave of the green it was Milwain into turn one first followed by Todd, Waring Morrison and Grist. On lap three Waring would go to P1 and Grist would move to P3 entering turn five as Morrison and Todd jockeyed for position. On lap six Milwain charged back to P1 allowing Grist to close in on the lead duo. On lap eight of the scheduled 20 laps Waring would take back P1 out of turn five and Grist would take P2 under braking into turn nine. At half way Grist would push past Waring for P1 again into turn nine. Two laps later it was Waring back to P1 in turn four with Milwain back in the hunt in P3. On lap 16 it was Grist taking back P1 sliding under Waring into turn nine. Waring would answer back up the hill in the turn two lefthander as Milwain charged and Todd closed in to join the fight. On the last lap Waring would hold point as Grist held off a hard charging Milwain. Todd would cross in fourth followed by a great drive by Morrison. Jeffery May (CRG) would cross the line in sixth moving up 17 spots from his 23rd starting position.

Michael Vincec finished second in his debut with PSerra Racing - Birel (Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Michael Vincec finished second in his debut with PSerra Racing - Birel
(Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Rotax Senior Max
The largest field of the day at 39 drivers, Officials were able to run the entire field because the track is longer than 1.2 km. In qualifying it was Lorenzo Mandarino (Birel) leading the way with a time of 56.441, just 0.009 over Frank Launi (GP). Marco DiLeo (Intrepid), Darren White (Tony Kart) and Brad Forbes (CRG) would round out the fast five. The top 23 drivers were within one second of each other in qualifying.

In the prefinal it would be Mandarino over a super quick Forbes followed by DiLeo, Michael Vincec (Birel) and Launi. Top mover was Melissa Curran (Tony Kart) going from her 23rd starting spot to the cross the line in tenth.
The fence line was packed as the crowd jostled for a good view of what would be a great race. There were more than 25 lead changes as the drivers at the front continually pressed to own the lead spot. Off the start it was Mandarino, followed by DiLeo and Launi, as the inside row got the jump over the outside heading up the hill in turn two. Launi pressed hard from lap one taking P1from Mandarino as they entered turn five for the first time. The front group would trade spots with Mandarino and Launi, trading P1 four times on lap six. As Launi and Mandarino fought, DiLeo sat in third waiting for a mistake. Vincec and Glaze began to close as the lead pack worked to gap the field. At half way DiLeo slipped into P2 as Launi began to fade. On Lap 15 Vincec would move into P3 and Forbes would take over the fourth spot from Launi.

On lap 18 of the 20-lap feature the leaders would hit heavy traffic. DiLeo would go to P1 entering turn three with Mandarino in second followed by Vincec, hard charging Marc Stehl (Tony Kart) and Michael Glaze (Evolution). On the last lap Mandarino would go inside DiLeo in the last corner before the start finish line. Contact would push DiLeo wide and into the grass. At the line it was Mandraino, DiLeo, Vincec, Stehl and Glaze.
Race Officials would impose a one-position penalty to Mandarino for avoidable contact. In post-tech DiLeo would be DQ’d for what is being called a miscommunication on post- race technical inspection procedure. So the final results would be Mandarino, Vincec and 34-year-old Stehl.

Returning the drivers seat in Mosport, Frank Launi scored an emotional win in Rotax DD2 (Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Returning the drivers seat in Mosport, Frank Launi scored an emotional win in Rotax DD2
(Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Rotax DD2 Max
So far DD2 has been the Darren White show as the 2008 Canadian National Champion and 2009 FWT Champion has been in control. A huge field of 24 drivers, up from 16 in the opening rounds, took to the track for timed qualifying. It would be Darren White (Tony Kart) with a lap of 54.469 ahead of Enrico Menotti (CRG), Frank Launi (GP), rookie Kevin Monteith (First Kart) and Mosport Karting’s Mark Woyslaw (CRG) rounding out the fast five. In the ten lap prefinal sprint race it was Launi over Menotti, Woyslaw, White and Cory Luciano (Birel).

On the second attempt at a start the field would go green for the final with Launi getting through the corner first followed by Woyslaw, Luciano, Eric Gerrits (GP), up from seventh as the outside row would get shuffled back. On lap three Luciano would retire with a mechanical issue moving Gerrits forward. By lap five it was Launi with ten karts over Menotti and Gerrits, now in P3. Launi continued to set a blistering pace working a 20 kart gap by lap eight as Gerrits moved into P2 going into turn five. Menotti answered back in turn one and Gerrits took the spot as they entered five again all the while Eric Simon (CRG) waited for a mistake. By half distance Launi would be four seconds up on the chase pack as they battled for position. The man charging forward as Rich Hibbs (Kosmic) as he moved in P4 over Simon. On lap 13 Hibbs would take P3 into turn five and then P2 going into the turn 10/11 complex.

With one lap to go, Launi was well clear of field as Menotti struck taking P3 from Gerrits, then P2 from Hibbs exiting the turn eight bowl. At the line it was Launi with his trademark wheelie, followed by Menotti, Hibbs, Gerrits and Simon. Monteith would charge up to sixth spot from his 23rd starting spot in his first DD2 race.

ICC Shifter
Another strong ICC field showed up to round three with 16 pilots ready to take to the action. In qualifying it was Ryan Horses (Tony Kart) with a lap of 53.739 over David Ostella (Maranello), Addison Rayner (CRG), Zach Meyers (GP) and Max Gamble (First Kart). In the prefinal it was Ostella over Gamble, Joe DeMarco (CRG), Mike MacNeil (First Kart) and Rayner. Pole sitter Horses would be side lined on lap five with a mechanical. In the final it was Gamble with the holeshot from the standing start over Ostella, DeMarco and MacNeil. On lap two Ostella would go to P1, while Horses moved into P4 from his 12th starting spot. By lap ten Ostella opened a solid gap as Horses moved into the second spot over Gamble. Gamble, DeMarco and Rayner would battle hard for the third spot in the podium. At the line it was Ostella, Horses, Gamble, DeMarco and Rayner. A one postion penalty to Demarco for a jumped start would give fourth spot to Rayner. Iron man Paul Hunter would move nicely into sixth spot up from his 13th starting spot.

Sunday action is all four-cycle as both TaG Junior and TaG Senior have been scrubbed do to lack of interest. Heavy rain is in the forecast, so drivers and their mechanics will be tested. Stayed tuned for the Sunday report tomorrow.
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