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July 13, 2009 News
EKN.ca Trackside: Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship - Round #4 Flamboro - Saturday Report

For the first time in 2009, Saturday classes would be faced with rain and a new track is venue opens to the Series to great reviews.

Rain was in the forecast and the talk of the paddock on Friday practice. The schedule started an hour early at 8 AM to get in the event. The paddock had to be cleared by 3:00 for the regular Saturday night stock program so time was of the essence.

All practice sessions were run under dry conditions, but the skies opened up around 9:00 AM with a huge downpour, thunder and lightening. The track quickly flooded as would be expected with an oval track designed to run water to the middle of the track. Everyone pitched in and got rid of the water including several pumps, lots of brooms, blowers and sweepers. By 11:00 the track was cleared for competition by Series Steward Mike Brittain and the karts lined up for qualifying action. Because of the delay and the short schedule, prefinals were eliminated, taking drivers right from qualifying to the finals. As qualifying got started the track was still very wet and light sprinkles persisted, putting the karts under wet weather conditions. As the sessions progressed the track dried up quickly making for some interested and exciting calls in the latter stages of qualifying. All finals were run under dry conditions with sunny skies and very warm temperatures.

First up for qualifying was Junior Medium with Tristan Gill leading the way with a time of 45.62 over Nicholas Ledson, Scott Nagel, Brandon Hauck and Artem Korolev making up the fast five.

Holding off points leader Darren White, Frank Launi scored another victory in Rotax DD2 (Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Holding off points leader Darren White, Frank Launi scored another victory in Rotax DD2
(Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

In the final Gill would grab the hole shot with Cory Cacciavillani making a big move forward to take second spot followed by Hauck. Nagel would waste little time and charge forward to take P1 on lap three. Behind Nagel, Gill, Cacciavillani, and Hauck would battle three wide on the oval allowing Nagel a slight gap. On lap five Hauck would attack for P2 hoping to lead the group forward to Nagel. At the midpoint it was Nagel stretching his lead with Cacciavillani pushing Hauck, Gill in fourth and Artem Korolev in the fifth spot. With only a hand full of laps left Cacciavillani would take over the second spot from Hauck while a great battle for fourth took place between Korolev, Grant Quinlan, Nicholas Ledson and Sean McPhee. In the closing laps Nagel gapped Cacciavillani by 6.5 seconds as Cacciavillani pulled away from Hauck. With one lap to go Nagel would hit lapped traffic allowing Cacciavillani to get close, but at the line it was Nagel over Cacciavillani followed by Hauck, Quinlan and Gill rounding out the top five.

Up next was DD2, with race three winner Frank Launi pacing the field in qualifying with a time of 42.700 over Tyler McEwen in second, followed by Enrico Menotti, points leader Darren White and Paul Carvalho.

At the drop of the green the front five held station and worked the first set of corners to slot into position. Launi would grab a big lead right from the start, gapping the field by ten karts on lap two. White would charge forward an amazing four spots to take P2 by the second lap. Carvalho would grab the third spot on lap four, while White tried to cut into Launiís 30-kart lead. As the laps clicked by White would edge closer to Launi and get as close as three karts in the final laps. Lap traffic would allow Launi to gap White on the last lap and take the win. White would cross the stripe in second followed by McEwen, Carvalho and Matt France.

Mini Max would take to the track qualifying with Nicholas Ledson showing the way with a lap of 42.266 followed by points leader Trevor Rancier, Braydon Strik, Grant Quinlan and Tyler Brady. In the final it was Ledson with the hole shot out of one with Rancier and Quinlan in tow. Ledson would get a good jump on the field as Quinlan went to P2 on lap three. The field settled in and by halfway it was Ledson with a big gap over Quinlan. The leaders began to catch traffic allowing Quinlan to close and gap Rancier in third. A hard charge by Quinlan on the last lap got him to Ledsonís bumper but it was not enough as Ledson crossed in first by just 0.117 over Quinlan followed by Rancier, Strik and Zach Shearer.

Surviving all the action in Rotax Senior, Lorenzo Mandarino has now won three races in a row (Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Surviving all the action in Rotax Senior, Lorenzo Mandarino has now won three races in a row
(Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Senior Rotax was next on the ticket as parts of the track began to show some dry lines making for some nervous moments in the pits. Senior Marc Stehle, fresh off a podium at Mosport, would take the best lap in qualifying with a 40.350 over rookie Kevin Monteith, Michael Vincec, Michael Glaze and Darren White. In the final it was Stehle followed by Monteith, Glaze and Vincec through one and into the twisty infield section. On lap three Monteith would charge past Stehle going into corner eight to take first spot followed through by Glaze. On the next lap Glaze would spin Monteith going into corner one ,catching several drivers in the mess. Zach Meyers would jump to the lead followed by teammate Frank Launi, points leader Lorenzo Mandarino, Pearce Herder, Vincec and White. Launi would take his shot at the lead in corner two demoting Meyers, who was holding off Glaze. Mandarino would begin to mount his charge as he moved into P3 over Glaze and P2 over Meyers on lap six and then P1 on the next lap with the same move into one corner one. Vincec would move into fourth with Monteith charging back up the field. On lap eight a back marker ran wide exiting four, throwing water and mud on the track entering the fast right hand corner five around the light tower. Drivers were forced to run wide to enter the turn opening a unique passing opportunity for the brave. Launi was the first to use it to his advantage sliding under Mandarino and forcing the position. Vincec would try the very same move on Meyers for third the very next lap.

At halfway it was Launi over Mandarino with Vincec taking P3 from Meyers going into one under heavy braking. Contact between White and Meyers allowed Monteith to slip by with Herder in tow. Mandarino would take back the lead with only handful of laps left. Launi would try again in five and then in one, pushing hard at every opportunity to take back the lead. On the last lap Launi would again try to push past Mandarino in corner five with both making some contact and holding their positions. At the line it was Mandarino, Launi, Vincec, Monteith and Herder.

Junior Rotax was the last class to take to the track for qualifying with the track showing a dry line most of the way around. After ten circuits of the track it was points leader Garett Grist with a best time of 39.822, just edging Ethan Livingston, the only driver on slick tires, by scant 0.059 of a second. They were followed by Jeffery May, Austin Millwain and Artem Korolev to round out the fast five.

Garret Grist dominated the field in Rotax Junior to earn his second victory of the year (Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Garret Grist dominated the field in Rotax Junior to earn his second victory of the year
(Photo by: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

In the final it was Livingston with the advantage into one on the third start attempt with Grist, Millwain and May in line. On lap two, Grist would take P1 going into turn four and Livingston would fight back to the top spot as the field entered turn one. The front ten karts were bumper to bumper through the twisty infield sections and back onto the speedway section. Todd would go P3 quickly as drivers looked for any opportunity to pass. On lap five Grist would take back P1 into corner one under deep braking, while Livingston held off a hard charging Todd. Todd would take P2 going into one on the next lap and contact between the karts allowed Grist to gap the field.

As the field pushed to close the gap, Livingston would run long going into corner one and re-enter on the back stretch in fourth spot in front of Reid Arnold, Millwain, and Michael Adams. May, now comfortable in P3, would set his sights on Todd as he attempted to chase him down for P2. Contact between Livingston and Arnold in corner five ended Livingstonís day running inside the top five. As the laps clicked away, Millwain would be pushed wide entering one and would need to re-enter on the back stretch moving back to sixth spot. May continued to close in on Todd as Grist pulled out a longer lead on the field. At the stripe it was Grist followed by Todd, May, Arnold and Adams. Several penalties for contact would be assessed after the race moving Todd back one spot to third and Arnold back three spots to sixth. At the podium presentation it was Grist, May, Todd, Adams and Millwain making up the top five.

The WRKC along with weekend sponsor GreenSpeed Karting presented trophies for the top five finishers in every class. Mike Morrison, team principal for GreenSpeed, was on hand to present to the awards with series spokesman Mike Preston. Also, the WRKC hosted a free BBQ on the east grounds of the speedway sponsored by GeoSmart Geothermal. Spending some time with the WRKC and their new home at Flamboro Speedway gave everyone a great sense of family, fun and friendship.
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