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July 31, 2009 News
Event News: BSRKC Round Five Friday Report
Day one action of the Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship Round Five at Shannonville Motorsport Park got underway with a series of regular classes and some special classes on tap for the day. A total of seven classes took to the track with four scored as non-points races. Up for grabs is a coveted Grand Nationals Bear for each class. The skies were overcast with a threat of rain early in the day, which gave way to bright sunshine and hot temperatures.

Junior Lite 

Scotty Nagel led only the last lap in Jr. Light to steal the victory (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Scotty Nagel led only the last lap in Jr. Light to steal the victory
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

The Junior Lite class was up first and racing as a non-points class for the day. In qualifying it was Scott Nagel taking the top spot with a time of 48.965 followed by Jaret Stewart and Grant Quinlan. In the prefinal it was Nagel taking point over Quinlan and Stewart from the drop of the green flag. The front trio would check out on the field by a huge margin. Nagel took the defensive line on the last lap, but Quinlan would be pushed through at the line by Stewart to take the win. At the line it was Quinlan, Stewart and Nagel.

In the final it was Quinlan through turn one in first with Stewart, Nagel and Rancier making up the lead draft pack. Sean McPhee would lead the second group trying to hunt down the leaders in the early laps. Nagel would go to P2 on lap four as Rancier lost the draft and fell back to the chase pack.
Quinlan would lead 19 laps but on the last lap choosing to go defensive line it was Nagel by on the outside pushed through by Stewart putting Quinlan back to third. At the line it was Nagel over Stewart, Quinlan, Rancier and Hauck.

Junior Pro
Tristan Gill would lead the way in qualifying with a time of 46.013 followed by Cory Cacciavillani and Abbey Bolton. The first start was waved off as the middle rows were not in line. A red flag came out on the start for a driver pulled off track. At the re-start it was Gill, Cacciavillani, and Michael Taibi out front with the field all strung out in single file behind them. A very tight group of five karts worked at the front to gap the field. By mid way Cacciavillani and Gill begin to battle out front with Brett Rickard in third waiting to jump. On the last lap Rickerd went to the lead into corner one and Cacciavillani would take it back exiting one. At the line it was Cacciavillani, Rickerd and Gill.

Clay Van Eerd bagged the his first Bear in Novice and nearly won another in Micro-Max (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Clay Van Eerd bagged the his first Bear in Novice and nearly won another in Micro-Max
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

For the final on the front row it was Cory Cacciavillani and Brett Ricakrd with Tristna Gill and Andrew Prescott on the second row. Cacciavillani would grab the lead off the start and pull out a ten-kart gap after two circuits. Prescott would push to P2 on lap four taking Gill with him into P3. The field would really spread out as Cacciavillani stretched his lead a huge 50 karts as Gill lead Prescott hoping to catch up. At half distance Cacciavillani pulled out a 3 second lead getting faster witheach lap. Athe flag it was total domination by Cacciavillani as he posted an amazing 6.8 second win over Gill in second and Prescott in third by under 0.030 of a second. Rickerd would cross in fourth and Adam Racine fifth.

Novice (non-points)
In qualifying it was Austin Bisschop with the best time of 52.224 over Clay Van Eerd and Andre Fiorini.

Great battle between Bisschop on point with Fiorini pushing and Ty Lucio and Van Eerd chasing. A four kart pile in turn two as the leadrs were coming through allowed Bisschop and Fiorini to break out a lead. Bisschop goes low and Fiorini takes him around the outside going into one. At the line it was Fiorini, Bisschop and Lucio.

In the final it would take 3 attempts to the get the field rolling with Bisschop taking point and VanEerd in on his bumper. Lucio would lead Fiorini as he tried to track down the front two. With Firoini and Lucio battling th chase group would become four as Jyeed Hutchinson and Noah Bray would join the fight. Meanwhile some 5.5 seconds up the track VanEerd stayed glued to Bisschopís bumper waitng for his time to pounce. VanErd to point going into turn one just as they completed eleven. The leaders would hit lap traffic heading on to the last lap as Van Eerd held point taking the defensive lower line into one. At the line it was Van Eerd over Bisschop by .010 of a second. Some nine seconds back was Fiorini and Hutchison and Lucio making up the fast five.

Senior Medium 

David Patrick added to his bear collection when a win in Sr. Medium (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
David Patrick added to his bear collection when a win in Sr. Medium
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

An amazing 46 drivers took to qualifying with Jamie Riberdy taking the top spot with a time of 46.600. Jonathon Treadwell would share the front with Jeremy Brutzki and Michael Glaze making up row two. Riberdy with a huge lead at the line over Treadwell and Glaze as the field jostled for position through turns one, two and three. The field reeled in Riberdy by lap four with Glaze to P1 by half distance. Pearce Herder would go to P2 on lap seven from his 14th starting spot. At the line it was Glaze, Herder, Treadwell and Riberdy.

Glaze took the lead off the start with Herder in tow. A gaggle of karts would jockey for third allowing the front to break a 2.2 second lead after two circuits. Dave Patrick would lead a huge 10 kart chase pack hoping the leaders may falter upfront. On lap 8 Herder would try his hand on point but Glaze would go back to P1 on the same lap. At halfway TJ Marshall would lead the chase pack and cut into the leads gap by one second. On lap 16 Herder would again go to P1 in corner 7 and Glaze would strike back on the long straightaway. The two leaders would battle through the esses allowing Marshall and Patrick to close in. Herder slid into P1 on the outside of one as Glaze went defensive on the front straight to take the last lap board. Contact between Glaze and Herder exiting the sweeper resulted in contact with Marshall who got spun as Glaze climbed on the back of Herder. Patrick would slide through with Glaze in second spot and Daryl Timmers in third.

Rotax Micro Max
The Rotax Micro Max/TaG Cadet class is a race within a race. The pole spot was taken by Taegen Poles followed by Tyler Ripani and then James Dean Laderoute, the first of the Micros. In the prefinal it was Poles over Ripani then then Clay VanEerd the first Micro Max followed by Laderoute and Nick Saunders.

In the final Poles would take the lead followed through by Ripani. Rapini would take the point in the later stages and pull out a lead to take the win. In the Micro Max it was Laderoute over Van Eerd off the start with Van Eerd striking back later. At the line it was VanEerd, Laderoute and then Saunders. A post race penalty would move VanEerd back one spot and hand the trophy to Laderoute.

TaG Junior 

Austin Milwain earned his first Ontario Grand National Bear in TaG Jr. (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Austin Milwain earned his first Ontario Grand National Bear in TaG Jr.
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

With a trip to the Grange 500 on the line, the Junior TaG class was a mixed bag of drivers looking to score a Bear and shot at the a trip to Brazil. In qualifying it was Austin Milwain with a time of 41.313 followed by Michael Taibi and William Lalonde.
In the pre-final, it was Taibi through to P1 with Cory Cacciavillani pushing into second followed by Milwain. Taibi would lead flag to flag with Milwain second and Lalonde taking the third spot.
On the third attempt to start the final the field would go green and it was Taibi into one followed by Milwain and Cacciavillani. On lap three Cacciavillani would break and Milwain would take over P1 from Taibi. Contact at the rear of the field sent several drivers scattering. William Lalonde would move into the third spot as Milwain began to gap Taibi. Lalonde would suffer a flat tire and fade back to sixth spot moving Cameron Morrison to third with just a handful of laps to go. At the stripe it was Milwain by a mile over Taibi and Morrison.

The future stars of the sport took to the track looking to make the most of their day and score some championship points. After timed qualifying it was Joshua Conquer quickest with a time of 58.532 followed by Zach Hopper and Taylor Wassink and Ciarra Collison. In the prefinal it was all Conquer as he pulled out a huge lead as Hooper and Wassink did battle from start to finish. At the line it was Conquer, Hooper and Wassink.

In the final it was the Joshua Conquer show, as the third generation hot shoe matched his prefinal pace by checking out on lap one and gapping the field by over five seconds. A fierce battle raged for second and third between Taylor Wassink, Zach Hooper and Ryley Hulme. Wassink would hold P2 for most of race swapping with Hooper as Hulme waited for his chance. In the closing laps traffic would play a roll as driver vying for second and third weaved through slower karts. At the checkerds it was Conquer by 8.2 seconds. Hooper would drag race Wassink to the line and take second by 0.028 seconds over third place finisher Wassink.

That raps up day one of BSRKC action from Shannonville. 131 drivers took to the track for day one action with bigger expected for Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned to EKN.ca for more coverage of all the racing action.
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