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August 01, 2009 News
EKN.ca Trackside: Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship - Round #5 Shannonville - Saturday Report

Record numbers of entries continue to be the headline news for round five action here at Shannonville Motorsports Park. Also the weather has been the talk of the paddock as an unseasonably cold and wet summer has been replaced with hot, dry weather and sunny skies, conditions karters have not seen much this year here in Southern Ontario. All the major teams and drivers are here ready to race the province's best for a Grand Nationals Bear. With 198 drivers in eight classes the action was sure to be fast and furious. Many drivers were going for their first Bear while others were looking to add to their collection.

Senior Heavy
In qualifying it was Pearce Herder fastest in the field of 40 drivers with a time of 47.231 followed by Gary Klutt and Greg Rempel with yesterday's Senior Medium winner Dave Patrick qualifying in fifth spot while points leader TJ Marshall sits in the sixth spot.

In the prefinal it was Klutt taking the point off the start with Herder in second and Rempel in third. Lots of contact in the back of the back as drivers stacked up into corner one. A six kart train would emerge with Klutt leading the way. Contact in corner one between Klutt and Herder put Jonathan Tredwell to P1, Klutt to P2, Rempel to P3, pushing Herder back to P4. By mid-way the lead duo of Treadwell and Klutt would gap the chase pack as they began to battle for position. Off the final turn it was a drag race between Treadwell and Klutt to the line. What looked like a dead heat would go to Klutt even though his transponder had stopped working as Officials watched to see who crossed the line first.

Off the green in the 20 lap final it was a good start at the front, but some carnage in the mid-pack. Treadwell, Herder, Klutt and Rempel would make a four-kart breakaway early. The front four would begin to battle allowing Marshall and Patrick to close the gap. Lap traffic on lap ten would become a factor as Herder, now in P1 with Klutt pushing. A lapper in turn three allowed Marshall to close and contact would take Rempel out. Herder and Klutt used the lap traffic to their advantage and would pull out a big breakaway, Treadwell would run alone in third, as Marshall and Patrick started to battle with one lap to go. Herder would go defensive on the last lap keeping Klutt in check into one and through the back esses. Klutt would try to squeeze inside Herder as they apexed the long sweeping turn nine only to spin out as the two made contact. At the line it was Herder bagging the Bear, Treadwell and Patrick making up the podium.

Junior Medium
Cory Cacciavillani was on pole with a time 47.008 with Tristian Gill sharing the front row and Grant Quinlan long with Abbey Bolton on row two. An amazing 37 karts were set to take the green flag for qualifying action.

In the prefinal Cacciavillani took the start with Quinlan and Nagel up from fifth in tow. There was big contact in the mid-pack exiting one with ten karts pinning off track and mixing up the field as drivers scattered. The top three would pull out a huge gap by lap three over the chase pack made up of Adam Racine, Brandon Hauck and Tristan Gill. On the last lap Nagel would look outside on Cacciavillani as they crossed the line to take the last lap board on the straight, but Quinlan would stay tight on Cacciavillani’s bumper forcing Nagel back to third spot. Nagel would then take Quinlan exiting turn eight just as they entered the long turn nine sweeper. At the line it was Cacciavillani over Nagel and Quinlan.

Off the second attempt to go green for the final, Cacciavillani would pull out a giant lead as the rest battled for second into turn three. Nagel, Quinlan, Tyler Kashak and Michael Taibi would make up the chase pack looking to track down Cacciavillani. With Nagel beginning to battle with Quinlan, Cacciavillani was to extend his lead. Quinlan and Nagel would settle in and begin to track down Cacciavillani over the next three laps. The three kart train would hit lap traffic on lap ten. The race would go red flag on lap 12 for a flip in turn eight, ending the event after twelve laps with Cacciavillani taking the win over Quinlan and Nagel. This would be Cacciavillani's second Bear of the weekend.

TaG Senior
In qualifying it was Michael Glaze on point with a time of 40.930 with Brad Fobes and Kelly Wood, Melissa Curran and Mathew Radaelli making up the fast five. A total of 18 karts would take to the track for timed qualifying.

In the prefinal it would be Glaze, Forbes, Wood and Curran and Radaelli as the lead pack through lap one. Glaze would pull out early running a 1.5 second gap over Forbes who ran alone 2.5 seconds ahead of Wood and Radaelli. With two to go Radaelli would take over P3 from Wood exiting turn one. At the line it was Glaze, Forbes, Radaelli, Wood and Curran making up the top five.

At the drop of the green, Glaze took the holeshot followed through by Radaelli, Forbes and Wood and Melissa Glaze making up the first five spots. Forbes would go to P2 into one the first time by with Glaze pulling a ten-kart lead over Forbes early, but Forbes would look to close quickly. Forbes would take over P1 at the start of lap seven as the leaders passed the stripe and drove into corner one. Glaze hung tight within a couple of kart lengths as they hit the halfway mark. In the chase pack Wood was pushing Radaelli, trying to make up some ground on the lead pack. Forbes dropped a wheel exiting corner seven allowing Glaze to close in close. He would take the offer and move back to P1 at the end of the straight under braking into one. Forbes would pressure, hoping for a mistake as lap traffic was ahead. Forbes would charge back to P1 on lap 15 with Glaze pushing close through the back esses. On the last lap Forbes would pull out a ten-kart gap over Glaze so at the line it was Forbes taking home the Bear followed by Glaze Radaelli, Wood and Melissa Glaze.

A great day on the big track for the youngest pilots as 20 Novice drivers took to timed qualifying. After the session it was Ty Lucio with the pole with a fast time of 51.743 over Austin Bisschop and Andre Fiorini. Points leader Clay Van Eerd would slot into the fourth spot.

In the prefinal the field went green on the first attempt with Ty Lucio leading the first lap followed closely by Fiorini and Bisschop. The front trio would begin to gap the field as they ran bumper to bumper down the long front straight. As the lead pack approached, starter Josh Brittain signaled for the one to go with Lucio, Fiorini and Bisschop in close formation. Bisschop would go into P2 entering turn three so at the line it was Lucio, Bisschop and Fiorini your top three.

On the second start attempt it was Fiorini, Van Eerd and Bisschop side by side with Lucio closing in off the start. Out front the lead pack had Fiorini on point with Van Eerd pushing hard as they pulled a gap on Bisschop, who ran alone in third. There were some great battles further back as drivers pushed to keep in the top five. At the halfway it was the lead duo out front by 6.8 seconds over third as they ran bumper to bumper. Van Eerd would make his move on lap 12 going to P1 into one with lap traffic looming ahead. Coming on the long straight it was a drag race with Fiorini taking the win 0.042 seconds over Van Eerd with Bisschop taking the third spot on the box.

Rotax Junior
Points leader Garett Grist put his kart on pole with a time of 42.067 over Austin Milwain and Michael Taibi. Milwain and Taibi clocked identical fast laps, so officials would go their second best lap putting Milwain on the front row.

In the prefinal the first three starts were waved off as the outside row jumped and the inside row was slow to accelerate. A big crash in the mid pack blocked turn one taking out four karts in the process. The field was stopped and regrided. Off the fourth start it was Milwain with Todd in second and Preston in third and pole sitter Grist pushed back to fourth. Todd would go to P1 into one with Preston taking over second. Grist would go to P3 going into one and then P2 entering turn seven with Todd taking it back in eight. Preston would go to P1 on the last lap so at the line it was Preston, Todd, Grist and Milwain.

In the final off the start Todd and Milwain would get pushed wide and a restart was called. Milwain was unable to get back his starting sport but got his kart going as the field went green. On the restart it was Preston and Todd side by side through one, two and three with Grist closing quickly. Contact exiting three sent Preston spinning and Todd and Grist would tangle as the field streamed by. Grist and Todd were able to restart and begin to chase down the field. Meanwhile back up front several drivers made a charge forward through the field. Jeffrey May would take point early as Michael Adams charged forward along with Cameron Morrison and Artem Korolev. Morrison would drive into P1 then May back later to P1 after two corners then Adams to P2 at the end of the straight. The driver on the move was Cory Cacciavillani charging up to battle for the lead from his 17th starting spot. By lap 15 he would go to P1 and check out with a huge lead over May, Adams and William Lalonde, who moved up in the top five. On the last lap it was Cacciavillani a huge lead heading onto the straight from the last corner. Behind Cacciavillani things would change as contact between Adams and May sent Lalonde flying into pit lane and opening up the door for Morrison and Brian Saunders to slip through for second and third spots on the podium. For Cacciavillani it was his second Bear of the day and third on the weekend.

Rotax DD2
In Rotax DD2 it was Michael DiMeo making his first start of the year and taking pole with a time of 40.594. He was followed by double race winner Frank Launi and points leader Darren White.

At the drop of the green in the prefinal it was Launi, DiMeo and Zach Meyers leading the field. A five kart crash in one sent the mid pack scrambling and spreading out the field. DiMeo would drive to P1 into corner the first time by for the field. Launi would waste no time and strike back to take P1 with teammate Meyers in tow. Entering one Meyers pushed DiMeo low allowing White to jump through into third as the two drivers made contact. At halfway to was Launi out front by 30 karts with DiMeo and White in hot pursuit. Curtis Fox would slot into the fourth spot with Meyers backing fifth. At the end of ten circuits it was Launi over DiMeo and White.

In the final it was Launi with the holeshot with DiMeo and Fox in close pursuit. The three would go three wide entering turn four with Fox getting the short end and spinning off track. Launi would get shown a full black flag from the first place spot, a call the Officials would later describe a incorrect. Meanwhile it was DiMeo pacing the field out front with Brendon Bain and Eric Gerrits rounding out the lead pack. White would move to P4 closing in on Gerrits quickly. At halfway it was DiMeo over Bain with White to P3 and closing in by two tenths a lap. At the stripe it was DiMeo making his karting return with a podium and teammate Bain in second with White in third spot.

In qualifying it was point leader Jake Collison taking pole with a lap of 47.070 over a field of 26 masters. Second quick would go to Shawn Gardner with Glen Arnold taking third quickest sharing row two with Jamie MacArthur.

In the prefinal it was green on the first attempt as Collison took P1 with Arnold and Gardner in chase. The front five would break away early trying to gap the field. Arnold went to P1 pushed through by Gardner but Collison was able hold onto P2. Draganac would lose the draft and fall back as the front four ran nose to tail through six laps of the ten-lap prefinal. Collison would go back to P1 into corner one with a nice draft slingshot move at the end of the long front straight. At the line it was Collison, Arnold, Gardner and MacArthur with Draganac in fifth.

In the final right off the start it was Collison and Arnold through turn one side by side. Lots of spinning karts at the back of the field sent several drivers to the lawn looking for an escape route. The field strung out quickly as MacArthur and Arnold tried to hunt down Collison. MacArthur would grab hold of P2 on lap 16. Collison cruised to an easy win by over 2.6 seconds with MacArthur nipping Arnold for second spot by 0.018 of a second.

The six-speed shifter class would run as a warm-up to tomorrow's points race. It was Frank Launi turning the quickest time with a 39.946 followed by teammate Zach Meyers and Ryan Horses. Fan favorite Addison Rayner would line up outside row two.

From the standing start it was Launi first into corner one with Meyers and Rayner followed by Max Gamble, getting a nice jump up from seventh. The field would spread out quickly was drivers paced the nine turn sweeping Shannonville course. Meyers would grab P1 going into turn one for the last time to take the win over Launi, Rayner, Gamble and Horses.

In the final it was Meyer, Launi, Rayner and Gamble through turn one. Rayner would break on lap two handing third place to Gamble, who was under pressure from Horses. Horses would grab the third spot one lap later as they ran through the back esses. Upfront Launi would try a pass on Meyers into corner three only to be denied and then on lap five he would make it stick into corner one, with Meyers answering back into two then Launi back in turn three. Gamble blew his engine on the front straight collecting Josh Adams in the process. Meanwhile back up front Meyers would go back to first over Launi under deep braking into turn one on lap twelve. Launi retired on lap 13 with a broken steering column handing the lead to Meyers. On the next lap Meyers would spin out going into turn one alone in the lead by over ten seconds, handing the lead Horses and then spun again ending his day with a broken transmission. Paul Hunter would move into second with Scott Mallis Sr., who was a lap down, moving into third, the only three karts still running. At the line it was Horses with the Bear, Hunter and then Mallais Sr. making up the podium.

A draw was held between TaG Senior winner Brad Forbes and the TaG Junior winner Austin Milwain for a trip to the Granja 500. Milwain won the prize valued at over $6,000 to attend the 2010 Granja 500 courtesy of MG Tires.

Up tomorrow will be seven more classes with more Bears and more prizes up for grabs.
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