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August 02, 2009 News
EKN.ca Trackside: Brian Stewart Racing Karting Championship - Round #5 Shannonville - Sunday Report

Nick Ledson won his first Grand National Bear in Rotax Mini-Max (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Nick Ledson won his first Grand National Bear in Rotax Mini-Max
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Again weather would play a roll in the day's events, this time back to what we have seen so much this season. Heavy morning rains left the paddock wet and the track soaked. The rains would stay for morning practice and qualifying and just as the last group finished up qualifying the sun came out to dry the track over the lunch break. The field would go full dry for all the prefinals and finals, leaving drivers an mechanics to scramble for the right setup on the green track.

158 drivers would take to competition in eight classes on this third and final day of BSRKC round five action taking the total number of entries for the Grand Nationals weekend to 494. The actual total was 503 but the series did refund a couple drivers that were not able to make the event. This new milestone in Ontario karting continues to re-enforce the incredible spirit and commitment of the karting community.

Mini Max
In qualifying it was Chris Smith leading the way over a thirteen kart field with a lap of 52.16 seconds over Grant Quinlan and points leader Trevor Rancier.

In the prefinal, Nicholas Ledson scored the win over Rancier and Quinlan with pole sitter Smith out on the last lap.

Off the green flag it was Rancier over Ledson through corner one followed by Braxton Terry who slipped by as Hovesen battled Quinlan. Quinlan would quickly regroup and take P3 on lap two as Ledson was closing in on Rancier. The two leaders began to build a big gap back to Quinlan. On lap four Ledson would charge into P1, with Rancier answering back two laps later going into turn one. Quinlan would fall as much as three seconds back to the leaders who continued to battle. Ledson went back to the lead on lap 13 with Rancier pushing hard looking to see a mistake from Ledson. On the last lap Ledson would go low to defend into turn one with Rancier on his bumper. Using a great sling shot draft to the outside from his second spot going onto the front straight, it was Rancier winning by an amazing 0.004 of a second over Ledson with Quinlan crossing in third. However Rancier was stripped of his victory after a technical infraction in post-tech.

In qualifying it was Duane Cinnamon showing the fast way around the track with a time of 55.498 seconds followed through by Robin McLean and Scott Brooks. Points leader Jake Collison would start the prefinal from back in eighth spot on the grid in the 25 kart field.

In the prefinal it was Jamie MacArthur taking the win followed through by Randy Packham and Jake Collison, with each driver making up a bunch of spots from their qualifying position.

After disposing of Michael Glaze (14) early on, Brad Forbes earned his second Bear of the weekend in Rotax Senior (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
After disposing of Michael Glaze (14) early on, Brad Forbes earned his second Bear of the weekend in Rotax Senior
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

A good start at the front but the in the mid-pack a mallias broke out as 12 karts went spinning on the start. Out of one it was Packham with MacArthur and Collison in tow. MacArthur would try his hand taking over P1 entering turn nine to take point of a three kart lead pack as they hit the strip for the first time. Collison wasted no time going to P2 on lap two with Shawn Gardner leading a chase pack of three karts. Collison was pushing MacArthur as Packham struggled to hold the draft. At the mid-point it was Packham moving to P2, demoting Collison to third as the three kart lead pack pulled an eight second gap over the chase pack. As the laps checked off it was Packham sliding into to P1 going into turn one on lap 16 as the lead group began to work traffic. MacArthur went through to the lead with Collison in tow pushing Packham back to third spot with less than three to go. On the last lap it was Collison to the top spot using lap traffic perfectly with Packham in a close second followed through by MacArthur in third spot.

Senior Rotax
One of the toughest classes of the day, Senior Rotax would take to the track some of the region's best looking to use this outing to get ready for the Nationals. In qualifying it was Lorenzo Mandarino, last weekend's Monaco of Trois Rivieres winner with the fast lap followed by teammate Michael Vincec and Brad Forbes.

In the prefinal it was Brad Forbes with the win over Lorenzo Mandarino by 0.461 with Michael Glaze taking third spot.

Out of turn one in the final it was Forbes in front followed by Michael Glaze, Marc Stehle and Kevin Montieth. There was loads of contact into turn one as drivers went three wide trying to gain spots early. Glaze would go to P1 on lap eight with Frank Launi, up from 15th, alone in third and Pearce Herder charging forward from last up to fourth with Monteith in fifth. Forbes would go back to P1 before halfway with Herder closing in on Launi, who was looking for drafting help to catch the leaders. Herder slid into P3 on lap 12 with Launi in tow now up 12 spots. Up front Forbes was beginning to gap Glaze as he began to fall back towards Herder. Herder would take that second spot on lap 15. Darren White quietly moved into fifth spot picking off drivers on each lap as he moved up from 16th. Launi was now on Glaze as they finished off lap 18, taking the third spot into turn one and holding it as Glaze fought back in turn two and three to take it back. At the front Herder was closing in on Forbes with two to go as Launi passed Glaze for third spot. On the last lap it was Herder within three karts of Forbes entering one, but Forbes would hold on to take the win over Herder, Launi, Glaze and White.

Jaret Stewart claimed his first win edging Scotty Nagel (3) at the line (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
Jaret Stewart claimed his first win edging Scotty Nagel (3) at the line
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

Junior Lite
In qualifying action it was Jaret Stewart with the fast time in the wet of 56.933 over Scott Nagel and Matteus Makos.

In the ten-lap prefinal it was Stewart beating Nagel by a mere 0.011 to take the win followed by Rancier in third, Brandon Hauck in fourth and Bailey Jacobs rounding out the top five.

In the final the 28 kart field would line up in tight formation waiting for the green as they exited the long sweeping turn nine. Stewart, Nagel and Rancier would make a quick three kart lead pack from the green. By lap four Rancier would lose the draft and fall back to the chase pack of Quinlan and Hauck with Rancier back to fifth. From lap five to 17 the field held station at the front hoping to capitalize on a mistake. With two to go, Nagel would go to P1 and look to break from Stewart. Nagel would take the defensive line on last lap and Stewart won the drag race to the stripe from the outside line. In the final tally it was Stewart with the clean sweep, Nagel in second and Quinlan in third.

Junior Heavy
Twenty-six karts would enter timed qualifying action and it was three time Bear winner Cory Cacciavillani continuing an impressive Grand Nationals taking pole with a lap of 55.576 seconds followed by Tristan Gill and Abby Bolton.

In the prefinal it was Cacciavillani taking the first turn with Gill and Racine in tow. Gill would charge to P1 on lap two. Racine would drop a wheel allowing Cameron Morrison and Abbey Bolton to take over third and fourth spots. Bolton would lead a chase pack as Cacciavillani would work to keep pace with a very quick Gill. At halfway Cacciavillani would try Gill going into one, Gill fought back to hold the lead through two and Cacciavillani made it stick into turn three. The battle allowed the chase pack, now led by Morrison to close in. At the line it was Gill over Cacciavillani by a thin margin followed by Bolton and Racine.

It has been ten years to the day since Greg Remple last won a Grand National Bear (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
It has been ten years to the day since Greg Remple last won a Grand National Bear
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

In the final it was Cacciavillani, Racine and Gill making quick work of corner one and breaking out a 20-kart lead over the second chase pack lead by Abby Bolton with Julius Makos pushing forward. Racine would charge to P1 with Gill in close, moving Cacciavillani back to third. In the chase pack Makos would take point as he and Bolton looked to close on the leaders. Cacciavillani went to P2 behind Racine with Gill falling back as they moved through lap traffic. The front two would go four seconds up on third place by lap 16. Cacciavillani mounted a charge taking P1 using the draft down into one with two to go. At the last lap board it was Cacciavillani up by three karts heading into the tight back section leading into the sweeping turn eight and nine. At the checkerd flag it was Cacciavillani over Racine by 0.121 with Gill in third. This would make an impressive four Bears for the Point Pelee Kart Club member.

Senior Light
The largest field of the day, Senior Light, had 30 drivers looking for bragging rights and top honours. In qualifying it was Evan Hayden with the quick time of 54.406 as the sun began to break through the clouds followed by Gary Klutt and Jonathan Treadwell

In the prefinal Hayden, Klutt and Treadwell would get in formation and look to break out quickly. Klutt would run wide exiting five and lose the second spot falling back to sixth, allowing Hayden an early gap as Herder led a chase pack of 20 karts. Herder was on Hayden within four laps with a big gap back to Glaze. On the last lap Klutt was pushed by Rempel who would catch Treadwell and Glaze as the four would battle through the entire last lap. At the line it was Hayden winning the drag race over Herder followed by Klutt and Rempel.

In the final Hayden went out again with the early lead out of the back esses with Herder into second, Rempel into third along with Glaze and Treadwell making up the early five kart front pack. On lap eight Glaze would try the inside into one on Rempel but couldn’t make it stick. At midway the lead pack was still Hayden with Herder, Rempel, Treadwell sitting in fourth and Glaze in fifth. Glaze would loose the draft on lap 14 as the front group continued to hold station and leave the battle for the final few laps. Treadwell would go to P3 with Herder going P1 as Treadwell charged into P2. The next lap Rempel would push Treadwell to P1 as the lead pack crossed the stripe for the last lap. At the line it was Rempel with the last second lunge to win by 0.014 over Treadwell and Herder in third, Hayden in fourth and Michael Glaze beating sister Melissa to the line for fifth.

After disaster on Saturday, Frank Launi dominated Sunday's action in Shifter (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)
After disaster on Saturday, Frank Launi dominated Sunday's action in Shifter
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

ICC Shifter
Returning for a second day of action, this time for points, the shifter karts would be lead in qualifying by Frank Launi with a lap of 48.932 followed by teammate Zach Meyers and Saturday’s winner Ryan Horses.

In the prefinal it was Meyers getting the holeshot from the standing start followed through into turn one by Launi and Horses. Launi would grab P1 in turn three and pull a quick gap on Meyers, who was under pressure from Horses. Horses went to P2 on lap three going into turn one under breaking. Horses was closing quickly on Launi with one to go. At the end of ten circuits it would be Launi over Horses followed a distance back to Meyers.

In the final Launi bogged on the start allowing Joe Demarco, Addison Rayner and Horses through into turn one. Launi would come back quick taking back the lead before the end of one lap and pulling out a huge gap. Rayner would go to P2 into turn one on lap three with Demarco back to P2 as Meyers pressured Rayner for third spot. Meyers and Horses would power past Rayner the next lap and then past DeMarco to take over second and third respectively. Launi would cruise out by over six seconds at halfway with Meyer running a tenth quicker per lap in the second spot. Rayner would try on Demarco for fourth but couldn’t make it stick. Meyers' day would end with a half lap to as he broke, handing second place to Horses and third spot to DeMarco. At the line it was Launi by eight seconds over second place Horses and third place DeMarco.

Record attendance, record crowds in the grandstands, great weather and amazing racing makes this annual trek to Shannonville a treat each year. Up next for the BSRKC is the sixth and final round at Kawartha Speedway on September 5-7, a rare Saturday to Monday event.
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