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August 25, 2011 News
Team News: PSL Karting - Canadian National Karting Championships

Kingsley took the National in his first shot, and will now travel to Al Ain (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media Group)
Kingsley took the National in his first shot, and will now travel to Al Ain
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media Group)

The combined efforts of the PSL Canadian dealer network saw it lead the Canadian National Karting Championships recently as CRG was unquestionably #1 once again at the Jim Russell Karting Academy. Following a year where it claimed four National Championships and ten National Podiums in Mont-Tremblant, PSL returned this season to take three National Championships and nine National podiums.

Jeffrey Kingsley, Pier-Luc Ouellette and Alex Gauthier are the PSL National Champions for 2011, and additional podiums were earned by Sarah McKay, Joe Soranno, Gianfranco Mazzaferro, Kevin King, Luc Sauriol and Nicolas Michaud. CRG was the only marque to score more than one championship in Rotax competition, and were it not for a position penalty, PSL/CRG would have recorded a podium in every class offered at Canada’s premier event.

Youngest of the PSL Champions is Jeffrey Kingsley, who in just his first full season of Rotax racing won the Mini-Max class. Under the watch of tuner/coach Kyle Herder and Karts ‘n’ Parts, Kingsley starred in 2011 winning both the Eastern Canadian and National Championships.

“It feels great!” Kingsley said of winning at Nationals. “Before the season started my dad and I never imagined that anything like this would happen. But after a year of hard work, it paid off. Now going to the world finals as an observer will be another great experience for me because I can understand more about the race format. And they are also the best drivers, so just by watching I can learn things and use that in my next year of karting.”

Kingsley was firmly in control at Tremblant, taking pole and winning the first two heats. A wet heat three saw him cross sixth, but he was right back at the head of the line after the Sunday prefinal and lined up for a National showdown with former Micro-Max National Champion Devlin DeFrancesco.

“My goal was to come out of corner one cleanly and try to get as far ahead as possible,” Kingsley said of his approach to the final, but after an early red flag and a restart, it became apparent the competition wasn’t going anywhere in a shortened final. “I knew he was there because I looked back to see if I was pulling away or not,” Kingsley continued. “I had to make sure that I was being consistent because he was always close enough that if I made a little mistake he would be right on my bumper.”

DeFrancesco was definitely that, but Kingsley was perfect and took the National Championship by 0.281 at the checkered flag. It was his closest race action of the weekend, but Kingsley was undaunted, a fact that didn’t come as a surprise to his tuner/coach Herder, who knows a thing or two about winning championships having won the East, Nationals, and West in his last three efforts.

“Jeffrey was very committed to all the practice and testing that was necessary and came a long way this season,” Herder said of his young charge. “He took very well to coaching as he always kept an open mind. The kid was hungry for results, and set the bar very high. Anytime there was pressure in getting the job done, Jeffrey drove flawlessly from the second we arrived at that particular track. Whether it was driving fast laps or just staying out of trouble, he knew the recipe to winning races.”

Another of PSL’s champions in used to winning races, but Alex Gauthier had found the National title elusive until this year, when he came out on top in Briggs & Stratton Senior. After qualifying third and going two-three-six in the heats, twice with fastest lap, Gauthier finished third in the prefinal and won the final after a thrilling last lap dice with fellow PSL racer Nicolas Michaud.

“It’s amazing. A dream come true!” Gauthier said of his National Championship. “I have tried to win this championship four times before and never came close, but this year we focussed on nothing but the karting for four days, just me and my father in Tremblant, so winning the championship is very rewarding!”

If they were able to exit turn one in tact, Gauthier and Michaud planned to work together to leave the field - but that only came to fruition in the first heat through the first two days. Trouble then came again in the prefinal, yet Gauthier remained positive about his chances heading to the main event on Sunday.

Gauthier led a PSL 1-2 in the new Briggs & Stratton Senior class (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media Group)
Gauthier led a PSL 1-2 in the new Briggs & Stratton Senior class
(Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media Group)

“Starting each heat from third I just wanted to push Nico so we could escape from the field, but the starts and Tremblant are so unpredictable...” Gauthier said looking back. “I didn’t get a good start in the prefinal, which left me in the middle, but I managed to finish third, right back where I started. I was happy because I was in very good position since my partner finished first. Then in the final we got away from the other competitors, so on the tenth lap I decided to pass Nico and see if I had enough speed to escape... but I underestimated my friend, he was on my rear bumper in all curves!”

What followed was seven more laps of follow-the-leader, with the showdown coming on the eighteenth and final circuit of the Jim Russell Karting Academy. “The last lap was one of the most stressful of my life!” Gauthier said of leading under the Last Lap board. “I had the fastest driver behind me and he wanted my position at all costs. He passed me in the middle of the track but I managed to follow him and pass back on the last straight!”

With that move came the National Championship, the first of its kind in Canadian competition. PSL’s third champion is very familiar with the top of the podium as Pier-Luc Ouellette emerged in DD2. Fifth after a very tight qualifying session, Ouellette was third in the first heat and fourth in the third head, an accident sandwiched in between. He then controlled things on Sunday with second in the prefinal, with fastest lap in the field, and dominated the final in winning by nearly four seconds, once again with the fastest lap in the field, three-tenths better than the rest.

Full team results from PSL, PSL Atlantic, PSL Montreal and PSL Ontario can be seen below. For more information on the World’s #1 CRG dealer and how it can help put you on the podium, please visit pslkarting.com.

PSL Karting Results from Canadian National Karting Championships
Jim Russell Karting Academy, Mont-Tremblant

Rotax Micro-Max

Joe Soranno - 2nd

Rotax Mini-Max
Jeffrey Kingsley - 1st, National Champion
Gianfranco Mazzaferro - 3rd
Tomy Moreau - 15th
James Dean Laderoute - 16th

Rotax Junior
Samuel Fontaine - 5th
Christophe Paquet - 9th
Alexandre Fortin - 14th

Rotax Senior
Kevin King - 3rd
Michael Vincec - 5th
Massimo Scotti - 23rd
Simon Lauze - 30th

Rotax DD2
Pier-Luc Ouellette - 1st, National Champion
Hugo Ouellette - 10th
Marc-Andre Bourgeois - 16th
Dominic Legrand - 17th
Alessandro Bizzotto - 18th
Nicholas Latifi - 23rd

Rotax DD2 Masters
Luc Sauriol - 3rd
Michel Legrand - 5th

Briggs & Stratton Senior
Alexandre Gauthier - 1st, National Champion
Nicolas Michaud - 2nd
Jean-Dominique Doyon - 9th

PSL Atlantic
Rotax Junior

Alex Van Snick - 11th
Buddie Munn - 26th
Sarah McKay - 29th

Rotax Senior
Gerald Caseley - 12th
Jordan Kennedy - 20th
Aaron Kennedy - 33rd

Briggs & Stratton Junior
Sarah McKay - 3rd
Buddie Munn - 5th
Craig MacDonald - 10th
Colin Stackhouse - 14th

Briggs & Stratton Senior
Matthew Boudreau - 10th

PSL Montreal

Alex Somma - 7th

Thierry Cote - 12th
Charles Regimbal - 22nd

Briggs & Stratton Senior
Matthieu Demers - 5th

PSL Ontario
Rotax Junior

Tyler Kashak - 24th

Rotax Senior
Pearce Herder - 15th
Johnny Flute - 18th

DD2 Masters
Paul Carvalho - 15th
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