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October 07, 2011
EKN.ca Driver Rankings Rotax Senior August/September 2011

Rotax Senior - as of September 30, 2011
1.11.10Marco Di Leo94848
2.8.6Steven Szgeti134837
3.2.-1Jean Francois Lafontaine84730
4.16.12Luke Chudleigh94715
5.15.10Kevin Monteith94711
6.14.8Reid Arnold94707
7.7.N/CKevin King94648
8.12.4Dalton Kellett74610
9.4.-5Michael Vincec94603
10.10.N/CMarc-Andre Levesque84593
11.13.2Chris Glover64487
12.1.-11Christophe Boisclair114487
13.25.12Austin King74434
14.17.3Gerald Caseley94430
15.20.5Pearce Herder84427
16.21.5Austin Milwain84425
17.6.-11Massimo Scotti74354
18.44.26Phillippe Harbour64354
19.19.N/CBobby Wallace64352
20.37.17Adam Dowler74332
21.33.12Daniel Burkett74293
22.36.14Cedric Tisseur Therrien94276
23.18.-5Bryce Choquer64269
24.30.6Adam Isman64210
25.23.-2Chad Grunow64204
26.43.17Emily Maddison94191
27.22.-5Jean-Philipe Jodoin64179
28.40.12Simon Lauze114119
29.38.9Taylor Gates54109
30.51.21Johnny Flute84105
31.45.14Christopher Ernst84090
32.52.20Rui Teixeira64088
33.42.9Nathan Kelly84052
34.41.7Scott Campbell64011
35.34.-1Kenneth O'Keefe63995
36.28.-8Travis McDonald63991
37.48.11Kyle Georgensen63947
38.69.31Jordan Kennedy53916
39.47.8Tyler Perreaux63866
40.57.17Samuel Drouin63862
41.53.12Hugo Parent83854
42.46.4Alex Gysen63808
43.55.12Kyle Shields63802
44.77.33Michel Legrand53788
45.50.5Max Preston63763
46.58.12Christian Medeiros63735
47.59.12Vitali Tchikichev53725
48.60.12Jamie Quinn63722
49.54.5Matthew Radaelli53711
50.62.12Jason Upton63622
51.61.10Iain McLeod63603
52.49.-3John Kwong43202
53.65.12Marcus Brodie43175
54.27.-27Nicolas Patrice43167
55.88.33Thierry St-Onge43113
56.76.20David Martin-Janiak43083
57.68.11Michael Hogg43011
58.96.38Martin Janson42993
59.70.11Shawn Taylor42915
60.71.11Michael Kundakcioglu42868
61.63.2Lauren Fortune42759
62.29.-33Andy Jaffray32432
63.32.-31Andrew Waring32424
64.24.-40Noel Dowler32404
65.35.-30Alessandro Bizzotto32280
66.56.-10Aarron Kennedy32196
67.67.N/CTyler Wheeler32130
68.83.15Ben Cooper21884
69.84.15Tristen Degrand21680
70.31.-39Josianne Plante21676
71.9.-62Hugo Ouellette21671
72.73.1Mark Pellegrini21668
73.85.12Joshua Dunand21659
74.89.15Spencer Todd21587
75.5.-70Pier-Luc Ouellette21582
76.90.14Andrew Palmer21578
77.91.14Jake Thompson21577
78.92.14Nick Rivellini21568
79.98.19Laurent Boivin21554
80.93.13Hayden Ritter21551
81.75.-6Danny Buck21548
82.97.15JR MacNeill21514
83.99.16Daryle Redlin21495
84.74.-10Eric Dalla Riva21494
85.100.15JD Saunders21486
86.101.15Sara McGregor21459
87.104.17Jordan Fiset21441
88.80.-8Jill Boddy21413
89.105.16Keith Miller21405
90.79.-11Nick Ferris21397
91.106.15Quinton Martin21397
92.107.15Josh Danychuck21389
93.108.15Derrick Lee21384
94.110.16Mike Daniel21357
95.111.16Sam Hale21344
96.112.16Mikhail Goikhberg21329
97.113.16Carl Denis21326
98.82.-16Bob Wakeling21311

United States Quebec Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia New Brunswick Nova Scotia

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