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May 22, 2012 News
‘Become One: A Karting Documentary’ Beginning Production

Millions of videos are uploaded to the Internet every day, most onto sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, all to be shared by viewers around the world. For the sport of karting, online video posting has become a valuable opportunity to connect the community with footage from different tracks, on-board video of your favorite drivers, and now the live streaming of events from all over the globe. One of the latest producers of the more popular karting videos on the Net is John Shofner of Shofner Films. John’s work over the past year has captured the essence of a race weekend at its finest, and his growing library of work has really set the sport on fire. Shofner’s new project - ‘Become One: A Karting Documentary’ - will bring an inside look of what the sport of karting is all about. There’s no telling what a documentary of this quality will be able to do for the growth of karting in North America.

“Become One is something that has been bouncing around in my head for almost a year now. Personally, its passion, excitement and above all, a lot of fun,” commented John Shofner. while discussing the project with EKN. “I love watching things come to fruition and seeing a plan come together. The thought of one of my films being projected onto the big screen at a local theater for a room full of karters is something I can’t really get my head around simply due to the excitement.”

There have been films and documentaries produced in the past, but all came with the telling of a story. The goal of ‘Become One’ is simple, to promote the sport of karting. With a focus on the youngest drivers to the most experienced enthusiasts, Shofner’s vision is to express karting in the most amazing way possible, all to enlighten people who have no idea or conception of what is a truly great family sport karting is.

“I want people around the world to know this film inside and out,” continued Shofner. “I want kids at home to watch it over and over. And more than anything, I want it to convince people that they need a kart and their kids need a kart simply because it will bring a family together. Providing an impact to the sport in a positive light is my #1 goal.

John Shofner's vision of karting through his camera lens will be put to the big screen in effort to promote the sport
John Shofner's vision of karting through his camera lens will be put to the big screen in effort to promote the sport

“When the film is done, I’d like to have a screening at one of my local theaters and also to have the movie posted up on iTunes. I initially wanted the film to be free to download but I decided to change that for two reasons. The small factor in that was simply that I want the backers to feel as if they are receiving something of value for their contribution. Second and much more largely are the music labels. If I send the video for free streaming or give it away for free, then I’d have to pay a very large sum of money per year per song for the license and rights usage. If I sell it, I only pay the royalty of about 50 cents per song per download. It’s a more financially feasible option.”

To help get the production off the ground, Shofner has created a page on the Kickstarter.com website. The site allows projects, such as the ‘Become One’ film, to gain funding through the Internet by providing a place for supporters to back the project through pledges of monetary support. As of now, Shofner has set a production cost of $40,000, which includes travel, equipment and other items. Should the fundraising exceed that amount, all extra proceeds will go into increasing the quality of the film.

Shofner is thrilled with the early response by the karting community and film supporters, “I want everyone to know how much the team appreciates all the early adopters of the film and how much they mean to the project. But I also want to make sure that everyone knows that the budget is set at the amount that I know we can shoot ‘Become One’ for, and every dollar over that amount does nothing but help the quality of the film increase.”

Already behind the film is DRT Racing, an importer of the DR Racing Kart. Owner Don Guilbeault and his operation have signed on as a title sponsor for the project. eKartingNews.com is behind the project as well and will provide voice-over work with EKN Publisher Rob Howden behind the mic. Superkarts! USA will also lend its support of ‘Become One’, with a number of SKUSA events to be featured in the film.

Some of Shofner’s previous work can be found at his website - http://www.jpshofner.com - including footage from the SKUSA SuperNationals XV, action from the Dallas Karting Complex, the Lone Star Grand Prix, and the SKUSA Pro Tour SpringNationals with DRT Racing. Joining Shofner on the production crew includes Logan Wimmer, Wyatt Lloyd and Lee Clowers. To pledge your support in the ‘Become One: A Karting Documentary’ project, be sure to visit their Kickstarter page ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1415102938/become-one-karting-documentary ). You can also stay up-to-date with John and his team by visiting and ‘liking’ his new Facebook Fan page ( http://www.facebook.com/BecomeOneTheFilm ).
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