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June 14, 2012 News
EKN.ca Trackside Live: Rob Howden's Blog

Thursday, June 14, 2012


So here I am, rolling down the 401 in the passenger seat, bound for the ICAR facility in Quebec. Weíre on our way to the second round of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship, and it will be my first coverage race of the year. Iíve had the opportunity to compete in a couple of Waterloo Regional Kart Club races this season, but this will be the first time in many years that Iíve attended a Canadian kart race with my camera bag and laptop in hand. Iím pumped.

I want to try a different approach to our EKN.ca Trackside Live program, so in addition to daily reports on the site and firing up photos on Facebook, Iím going to put together a bunch of interviews and will be posting to this blog. Itís something a little different, and I hope you like it. Please feel free to send us feedback via email Ė news@ekartingnews.ca

I have to laugh when I think about how much things have changed in my business. When I first found myself reporting on Ontario kart racing back in 1995, race coverage came in the form of a monthly newspaper. If youíve been around this sport for 15+ years, you likely remember Performance Racing News and my ĎA La Kartí pages. We did some great stuff at PRN, bringing a new level of exposure to the sport, positioned alongside reports from the countryís road courses and stock car tracks. In those days, I was racing myself, and Iíd trek to an event and race with the Senior Heavy guys. Iíd watch all the mains and would be able to write up reports in the dayís following the race so that they would be included in the next issue of the paper. Weíve come along way, as itís all about immediate news and reporting now. Itís certainly changed how my days at the track are now planned.

Weíll be at the track tomorrow morning, working the paddock to get input and reaction from the drivers, so be sure to check out the forums for updates. Weíll have the race preview up as Top Story tomorrow and Iíll be setting up the Official Event Page as well, which will be the central page to access all of our weekend coverage.
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