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August 22, 2012 News
EKN.ca Rotax Junior Driver Rankings - August 5

Samuel Fontaine enters the Canadian National Championships leading the EKN.ca Rotax Junior Driver Rankings (Photo: Series Sportsman Quebec)
Samuel Fontaine enters the Canadian National Championships leading the EKN.ca Rotax Junior Driver Rankings
(Photo: Series Sportsman Quebec)

With both the Eastern Canadian Karting Championships and Western Canada Championships now complete, and the Canadian Karting Championships about to get underway, it is time reveal the latest eKartingNews.ca Rotax Junior Driver Rankings.

Samuel Fontaine remains the driver everyone is looking up at in the eKartingNews.ca Rotax Junior Driver Rankings, thanks to a revised points total of 4,772. While the CRG racer has had mixed results since the last edition of the rankings, highlighted by a fourth (925 pts) in Race 5 of the Quebec Cup in Trois-Rivieres, his early season form has helped him hold on to the top spot. Fontaine will now look to build on his runner-up finishes in the Eastern Canadian Karting Championships (929 pts) and Quebec Cup (935 pts) races in Mirabel, Que., by bettering his fifth place (1087 pts) in last year's Canadian Karting Championship in order to end the year as the top driver in the Junior standings.

Samuel Fontaine - CRG
Sainte-Croix, Quebec
EKN.ca Rotax Junior Driver Rankings Points Breakdown

Canadian Nationals '115th1087
Quebec Cup #32nd935
ECKC #32nd929
ECKC #53rd896
Quebec Cup #54th925

Holding station in the second spot of the EKN.ca Rotax Junior Rankings is Olivier Bedard, with 4,702 points beside his name. The Quebec racer, like the driver he is chasing in the standings, had mixed results in his two outings since last time the scores were tabulated. With a fourth (912 pts) in the ECKC finale in Trois-Rivieres being added to his runner-up finishes in ECKC #1 (889 pts) and ECKC #5 (905 pts), Bedard and his Birel kart are still very much in contention to for the P1 position come the end of the season, especially if he can improve a third place finish (1110 pts) in last year's National Championships.

Parker Thompson remains in third place in the Rotax Junior standings via a strong score of 4,688 points. The Alberta racer has been in impressive form in his Tony Kart recently, only failing to miss a podium place once in the four races he contested since the last rankings update. Thompson finished second (931 pts) in the ECKC finale, before winning (851 pts) both races of the WCC season-ending doubleheader in Calgary. Should he build on these results to better his 13th place result (996 pts) in last year's National Championship, Thompson could potential end the year as the new No. 1 Junior driver.

Completing the top-five in the Rotax Junior rankings are Zachary Claman-DeMelo (CRG) and Nicholas Dore (Birel). Claman-DeMelo, who moved up three places, has arguably been the driver to beat of late, winning both the Quebec Cup #5 (953 pts) and ECKC finale (940 pts) en route to capturing the ECKC Rotax Junior title. Dore was less successful in the lead up to the Canadian National Championships, losing one place in the rankings, with a ninth (877 pts) in the Quebec Cup #5 race in Trois-Rivieres being his best result recently.

The 'Hard Charger' among the top-25 in the latest Rotax Junior rankings is Aidan Landauer with a points tally of 4,145. The Birel driver improved 19 positions to 17th since the July 15th rankings. The highlight of Landauer's recent outings was a 12th (837 pts) in the ECKC closer in Trois-Rivieres.

EKNca Rotax Junior Driver Rankings Top-25
August 5, 2012

10Samuel Fontaine114772
20Olivier Bedard144707
30Parker Thompson154688
43Zachary Claman-DeMelo104628
5-1Nicholas Dore124575
6-1Jeffery Kingsley124562
7-1Cameron Morrison64521
81Tyler Kashak94516
93Tommy Lemaire-Ouellet104480
100Christophe Paquet104463
11-3Matthew Moniz74388
1213Tyler Ripani94351
131Nicolas Faure94328
14-3Marco Signoretti94299
152Anthony Tolfa104263
16-3Trevor Rancier64259
1719Aidan Landauer64145
18-2Cedrik Lupien64131
1915Jordan Redlin64128
209Taegen Poles74070
208Tristan Merke64070
22-3Jordan Slipacoff64056
23-5Coltin McCaughan54053
23-1Mark Newson64053
25-5Alexandre Couturier104042

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EKN.ca Driver Rankings Calculation Process

The eKartingNews.ca Driver Rankings are calculated using a driverís best finishes in selected Canadian karting series (Eastern Canadian Karting Championships, Western Canada Championships, Quebec Cup, and Canadian National Karting Championships). Assembled using events from the last 12 months, we use a driverís best five Final finishes in order to determine their overall current point total. With each new month, results from the previous year are discarded to deliver the current ranking list.

Each series was initially weighted based on its prestige and history, the events and tracks at which it races, and of course the depth of talent, with a score of 10 being the highest attainable base ranking. For 2012, the Canadian National Championships was given a base ranking of 10, while ECKC, WCC, and Quebec Cup were placed with 8 score.

Added to the initial base ranking is the variable of field size, which helps confirm the importance, strength and competitiveness of the series. A percentage of one weighting point is added for the size of the field, with a full field of 34 cars or more providing one full point. Another full point or fraction of a point will be added based on the field strength of each event. The percentage of the top-25 ranked drivers in the race will also be factored into the final event ranking. The sum of these numbers becomes the overall ranking for any race.

Following a race, drivers receive points based on their finishing positions with 100 points earned for a win. Each subsequent position drops by one point with 99 points given to the second place driver and so on throughout the field. These points are then multiplied by the overall ranking to produce a driverís final point total from each event. Using a driverís best 5 races, we calculate each driverís overall score and subsequent ranking.
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