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eKartingNews.com Driver Rankings - July 26

Now into the second half of the 2007 season, the championship battles are heating up and the EKN Driver Rankings are taking a different shape. With the Rankings now including the second half of 2006 and the first half of the 2007 season, drivers are shuffling more so now in the ICC and ICA categories. New drivers are finding their way to the front of field this year and moving themselves up in the Rankings. Some who were strong in 2006 have not found the way yet in 2007 and are losing positions.

The TaG Driver Rankings is becoming a monster with 343 drivers now recording a finish in either a national or regional TaG event. Obviously as the year goes on, it may reach the 400 mark. Right now, the majority of the drivers have one or two races under their belt but that too will also change as the year continues.


2006 Stars of Karting ICC National Champion Gary Carlton  (Photo: EKN)
2006 Stars of Karting ICC National Champion Gary Carlton
(Photo: EKN)

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Extending his win streak to six for the 2007 season, defending ICC national champion Gary Carlton is poised to stay on top of the Rankings for quite some time. His only ‘blemish’ in his seven top finishes is a sixth at the 2006 Stars of Karting National Finals. The point total from that weekend is still higher then either of his two recent wins in Utah. Depending on the strength of the field at the upcoming Shawano event, and the PCH Motorsports driver continues his winning ways, that race could be replaced quickly.

Matt Jaskol (Team Top Kart USA) and David Jurca (Italian Motors) stay static at second and third, waiting for their chance at the top spot. After a disappointing start to the 2007 season, Jordy Vorrath (Team Intrepid/Champion Racing) bounced back in Utah with two-top five finishes and moving himself back up to the top five. A newcomer to the top five is this year’s standout, Fritz Leesmann (Wunder-Bar Racing). Leesmann has recorded three Stars runner-up finishes behind Carlton as well as victories in the ProKart Challenge program.

Along with Leesmann, another CRG driver has had a breakout year in 2007. PCH Motorsports newest ICC driver Nicholas Halen has been right there with Carlton and Leesmann all year. The 2005 SKUSA SuperNationals S3 winner is no stranger to running up front. Halen has been a star at the ProKart Challenge over the past two years and is comfortable running at the front at the Stars events thus far with three podium finishes in six races.

ICC #1 - Gary Carlton

Point Breakdown

Stars of Karting ’06 - East #7 - Shawano911068
Stars National Finals 20061061125
SKUSA SuperNationals 20061011153
Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #11011182
Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #21011182
Stars of Karting ’07 - East #3 - New Castle911067
Stars of Karting ’07 - East #4 - New Castle911068


Nicholas Halen  (Photo: EKN)
Nicholas Halen
(Photo: EKN)

Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 2
Average Points: 1120
Total Points: 7844

Driver Spotlight: Nicholas Halen
ICC Ranking: 15th

Point Breakdown

Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #11031158
Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #21028863
Stars of Karting ’07 - East #3 - New Castle911960
Stars of Karting ’07 - East #4 - New Castle911961
KartSport Grand Prix 200787868
Stars of Karting ’07 - West #3 - Miller931031
Stars of Karting ’07 - West #4 - Miller921041

Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 9
Average Points: 983
Total Points: 6882


2006 Stars of Karting ICA National Champion Joel Miller  (Photo: EKN)
2006 Stars of Karting ICA National Champion Joel Miller
(Photo: EKN)

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Defending ICA national champion Joel Miller continues to hold the number one spot in the ICA with no change in his total. The Tony Kart USA driver is done for karting over the next few months as he will be concentrating on winning the Skip Barber National championship. Next weekend, Miller will be in Wisconsin, however not at the Shawano kart track but at Road America for the fourth Skip Barber weekend of the year. He will also miss the final Western Division event at Moran, running the Skip Barber car at the big track at Miller Motorsports Park.

Jake Rosenzweig (PSL Karting) lost a few points with the dropping of the Stars Lowe’s event in July 2006 from the Rankings but maintains the second spot. Chris Larson (MRP-Birel America) lost a good chunk of points from that event, dropping him to eighth and moving Cody Jolly (Cameron Motorsports) up to second following another podium finish in Utah. Sunday’s Miller winner Nick Tonkin (MRP-Birel America) moved up three spots to fourth with Saturday’s winner Tyler Dueck (Team Intrepid/Champion Racing) moving up three as well to fifth.

This edition of the Rankings highlights ICA rookie Guillermo Freile. The Miami, FL resident started his karting career through the Easykart ladder, starting at Cadets and worked his way to the Senior category. In 2005, Freile was the Stars National Finals winner and championship runner-up. Last year, he went to the Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge and earned a spot on Team America for the Rotax Grand Finals in Portugal. The Tony Kart USA driver had an impressive debut at the Race of the Americas, earning the pole position for the Finals and recording seventh and sixth place finishes. After struggling Saturday at New Castle, Freile bounced back with a sixth place run. Like many others though Miller was a tough outing, DNF both days. Sitting sixth in the Eastern standings, he has a great chance at finishing the year in the top five overall.

ICA #1 - Joel Miller

Point Breakdown

Stars of Karting ’06 - East #6 - Shawano911020
Stars National Finals 20071011139
Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #11051096
Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #21031119
Stars of Karting ’07 - East #4 - New Castle931033


Guillermo Freile  (Photo: EKN)
Guillermo Freile
(Photo: EKN)

Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 3
Average Points: 1081
Total Points: 5407

Driver Spotlight: Guillermo Freile
ICA Ranking: 16th

Point Breakdown

Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #11071074
Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #21061085
Stars of Karting ’07 - East #3 - New Castle920853
Stars of Karting ’07 - East #4 - New Castle961001
Stars of Karting ’07 - West #3 - Miller921823

Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 12
Average Points: 967
Total Points: 4836


Will Martindale  (Photo: On Track Promotions - otp.ca)
Will Martindale
(Photo: On Track Promotions - otp.ca)

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Though he does not have a victory yet in 2007, Wunder-Bar Racing’s Will Martindale continues to hold the number one spot in the TaG Driver Rankings. Riding off his second place finish at the 2006 Stars of Karting Nationals and two podium runs at the 2007 Stars Race of the Americas, knocking Martindale off the top will be tough. With two ProKart Challenge finishes counted toward his five best finishes, there is still room for the CRG driver to improve. Though he did not have a strong weekend in Utah, the upcoming Stars Moran weekend could see him improve on his score.

Brandon Jones (ArrowUSA) and Zach Beard (FirstKart.com) continue to sit second and third, despite two-top five finishes by Beard that only increased his score by 23 points. In our last release of the rankings, there were two Arrow drivers in the top five. This time around, there are two Team Top Kart USA drivers. Conor Daly recently made the move to Top Kart but fell back to fifth in the overall Rankings after new teammate Kyle Wiegand recorded his fifth result in the TaG division.

Wiegand joins a small handful of drivers who have reached the top ten in two divisions of the EKN Driver Rankings, such as David Jurca, Jordy Vorrath and others. The Indiana driver is getting extra seat time running in the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup Series, both in ICC and the TaG division. Wiegand began with two victories - Jacksonville and South Bend - before running second and third at Shawano and BeaveRun with teammate Chris Wehrheim stealing the victories. Another win at the final round at New Castle in September could move him up either further.

TaG #1 - Will Martindale

Point Breakdown

Stars National Finals 20061021093
ProKart Challenge 2007 #484953
Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #11031099
Stars Race of the Americas 2007 #21021110
ProKart Challenge 2007 #582997


Kyle Wiegand  (Photo: EKN)
Kyle Wiegand
(Photo: EKN)

Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 3
Average Points: 1050
Total Points: 5252

Driver Spotlight: Kyle Wiegand
TaG Ranking: 5th

Point Breakdown

TAG World Finals 20061021098
WKA Man. Cup 2007 - Jacksonville911007
WKA Man. Cup 2007 - South Bend911013
WKA Man. Cup 2007 - Shawano921010
WKA Man. Cup 2007 - BeaveRun931000

Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 2
Average Points: 1026
Total Points: 5128

EKN Driver Rankings Calculations Process
The EKN Driver Rankings are calculated using a driver’s best finishes in major North American races. Assembled using events from the previous 12 months from the current date, we use a driver’s top seven finishes in ICC to determine their overall current point total. The top five as used for ICA due to the lower number of available events. With each new release, results before one year ago at this date are discarded. To deliver this current ranking list, we tabulated the results of all the Snap-on Stars of Karting national events as well as other regional programs. We have also included the results for the major one-off events such as the Rock Island Grand Prix, SKUSA King of the Streets, the SKUSA SuperNationals, the KartSport Grand Prix and the Greeley Grand Prix.

Each race was initially weighted based on the prestige and history of the event or series with a score of 10 being the highest attainable base ranking. For 2007, the Stars of Karting Race of the Americas and National Finals, the SKUSA SuperNationals, Rock Island Grand Prix, as well as the North American Karting Championships and TAG World Finals are the only events to receive a score of 10 in their initial weighting. For the ICC and ICA divisions, the Stars of Karting national series events draw a base ranking of 9 while the WKA Manufacturer’s Cup, Florida Winter Tour, and other regional program races were given a base ranking of 8. For TaG, most of the events have a base ranking of nine with the EKN staff to adjust the rankings of each event at the end of 2007 for the 2008 season.

Added to these initial rankings are two variables that help confirm the true importance of an event to the ranking process – field size and field strength. A percentage of one weighting point is added for the size of the field while the number of existing top 50 drivers (top 25 for ICA and TaG) entered offers another fraction of a point. The sum of these numbers becomes the overall ranking for any race.

Following a race, drivers receive points based on their finishing positions with 100 points earned for a win. Each subsequent position drops by one point with 99 points given to the second place driver and so on throughout the field. These points are then multiplied by the overall ranking to produce a driver’s final point total from each event. Using a driver’s best seven races for ICC and the best five for ICA and TaG, we calculate each driver’s overall score and subsequent ranking.
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